Form of Infant Formula

Infant formulas are typically sold in the following form:

  • Powdered concentrate
  • Liquid concentrate
  • Ready-to-use formula

Powdered Concentrate

All types of formula are available in powdered form. The powdered form of infant formulas is the cheapest among all other types of infant formula. Powdered concentrate must be measured and mixed with clean water. Preparing powdered concentrate is not as convenient as liquid and ready-to-use formula. However, the shelf life of powdered form is longer as compare to others. Once open, a tin can be stored up to 1 month.

Liquid Concentrate

The liquid concentrate is relatively more expensive than powdered variety. However, it is easier to measure and mix than the powdered concentrate. The liquid concentrate must be used within 48 hours after it is opened.

Ready-to-use Formula

Ready-to-use formula is the most expensive form of formula. However it does not require mixing and it can be used at anytime. The variety of ready-to-use formula is limited. Only cow’s-milk and soy-based formulas are available in ready-to-use package.

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