Vitamin E

Vitamin E, an antioxidant that,

  • protects cells from oxidation damage
  • assists neurological function
  • prevents anemia
  • protects against ageing
  • encourages skin healing and reduce scarring

Vitamin E deficiency is rare. Excess vitamin E rarely causes any problems

Sources of Vitamin E:

Food / 100g Amount (mg)
Wheatgerm oil 136
Sunflower oil 49
Safflower oil 41
Polyunsaturated oil 38
Sunflower seeds 38
Hazelnuts, shelled 25
Sun-dried tomatoes 24
Almonds 24
Rapeseed oil 22
Cod liver oil 20
Mayonnaise 19
Corn oil 17
Soya oil 16
Groundnut oil 15
Pine nuts 13.5
Popcorn, plain 11
Peanuts, plain 10
Brazil nuts, shelled 7
Low-fat spread 6.3
Sweet potato, baked 6
Potato crisp 5.8
Peanuts and raisins 5.7
Tomato puree 5.4

How Much Vitamins You Need?

Dietary reference intake (DRIs): recommended intakes for infants, children, pregnant women and breastfeeding moms.

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