An Infant Feeding Chart Can Help You Keep Track of It All

There are certain tools such as an infant feeding chart that can make your job as a parent so much easier. You likely have visions of what parenting will be like. When you’re pregnant, you can envision yourself holding and caring for your baby. When that little one arrives, you may be pleasantly surprised at so many things. One element of parenting a newborn that can be surprising to some is the “art” of feeding. If you have no previous experience, as most parents don’t, then you’re not really sure of what to expect. You just assume that your little baby will eat whatever they need in the appropriate amounts, and that will be the end of it. However you will quickly see that feeding your baby may be one of the most confusing aspects of parenthood-rest assured that it will come.

The Technique Doesn’t Matter

It matters not whether you are feeding your baby through breastfeeding alone or if you are using the bottle. An infant feeding chart can be a helpful tool because it helps you to keep track of the feedings-and when you’re sleep deprived and feeling flustered, this can come in handy. Try a simple template such as one that you’d find at What’s beautiful about this is that it takes all of the guesswork out of the equation and allows you to just write down everything that you may need to know at a later date.

Many parents just assume that you will put baby to breast or provide a bottle and the rest will come naturally. Though it does get this way through time, it can be a bit of a challenge and an adjustment at first. Remember that it’s not only you who is adjusting to this new life, but your baby too. You as a parent will want to know all the dirty little details-you’ll want to look at your infant feeding chart over the course of a day or a week and see what sort of patterns are developing or how things are changing. It doesn’t matter which feeding technique you are using, it only matters that your little one is getting the proper nourishment that they need and that you are in the know.

Go With the Right Advice and Resources

When you were pregnant, you had certain advice that you came to count on. Many pregnant women use the book, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, as their “Bible” of sorts. So if it served you well during pregnancy, why not turn to their advice when it comes to feeding your baby? Go with resources and advice that you know and trust, such as what you would find at As with any other aspect of parenting, you will be thrown a great deal of advice. It only makes sense to go with trusted resources and avenues that you can really count on.

A grandparent or friend may not see the value of an infant feeding chart, but you have to go with what works for you. When you have pediatrician appointments, your doctor will want to know how much your newborn is eating and how the feedings are playing out. It can be tough to remember all of the details on your own, and that’s where an infant feeding chart can really come in handy. If it’s a useful tool for you and helps you to keep every little detail organized, then it’s an aspect of parenting that you should embrace. You will quickly learn that you need to go with what works for you as a parent, and do your best to ignore the unwanted advice.

Doing Your Part to Ensure Proper Nutrition

There’s a reason that your new baby is getting up at night and isn’t sleeping consistently just yet. It will come in time, but for now they need to get in their feedings so that they can grow. They say that babies work to at least double their birth weight in the first six months. So as you see, proper nutrition is the only surefire way to ensure that proper growth and development occurs. Use an infant feeding chart to help you keep things organized, and to see when it may be time to move up to the next level. You want to ensure that you provide your baby with the nutrients that they need to grow and thrive. Utilizing a feeding chart can be a helpful tool in your journey and can help to ensure that your baby gets what they need when they need it.

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