Create a Valentine’s Day Tissue Paper Flower Bouquet

Celebrate Valentine’s Day and spread the love with a colorful bouquet made of tissue paper flowers in a pretty vase. This easy craft results in a cute gift any child would be happy to present to a loved one on Valentine’s Day.

What you will need:

  • Tissue paper in Valentine’s Day colors such as red, pink and white
  • Green pipe cleaners
  • Construction paper in red, pink and white
  • Scissors and glue

Making the Flowers

You can create a varied bouquet with several different types of flowers, or stick to just one style, it’s up to you! Here are three different options for beautiful tissue paper flowers.

Flower #1. Cut different colors of tissue paper into the shape of a dog bone. Stack about ten of the bone shapes one on top of the other, and fan them out so that they don’t all line up. Next, pass a green pipe cleaner through the center of your stack of bone shapes and twist it down at the top to make sure the petals don’t fall off. Pinch the bottom of the petals to push them up into a bloom. The petals will look like little hearts! Finally, wind the pipe cleaner around the pinched paper a few times to make sure the petals don’t slide down the stem and the petals stand up in a bloom shape rather than lying flat.

Flower #2. Stack four 5″ x 11″ pieces of tissue paper in alternating colors one on top of the other. Fold the stack of paper accordion style, creating approximately ¾” folds. With scissors, round off the end of the tissue paper accordion. Pinch the center of the folded paper and wrap the end of a pipe cleaner around it. Carefully fan out the pieces of tissue paper and adjust them to create the bloom.

Flower #3. Make a stack of tissue paper in either varying colors, or all the same color if you prefer. Cut out a star shape, with approximately 8-10 points to each star. Twist the stars around so that the points are spaced out and not all on top of each other. Push a pipe cleaner through the center and secure it as in flower number one, bending it at the top and pinching the center underneath the petals, then winding the pipe cleaner around the pinched off paper.

Making the Vase

Check the length of your pipe cleaner stems against a piece of construction paper, and trim it as needed so that the stems are longer. Glue the ends of your trimmed paper together to make a cylinder that will stand on its own. If it doesn’t seem stiff or stable enough, double up the paper with another sheet. Cut out construction paper hearts in various shapes and sizes, and glue them to the cylinder.

Then simply slip your flowers into the vase, and arrange them however you like! You can stand them up straight, or bend the pipe cleaners a little so that they peek over the edge of the vase. Mix different types of flowers in one vase, or make one vase for each type of paper bloom.

With this simple and pretty Valentine craft, you will create colorful flowers that will continue to bloom for as long as you want to display them!

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