Fall for Fun: Great Autumn Activities!

Fall is a great season for family fun; the temperatures may be cooling off, but the great outdoors still has a lot to offer before winter sends us in to hide!

Gathering Fall Treasures

The cooler weather is great for getting out there and doing some hiking and exploring. Walk a nature path and examine the changes that the fall season is bringing. Gather fallen leaves and make a game of finding leaves from as many different trees as possible. Don’t lose them! You can bring them home for some fun autumn crafts. It’s also a great time to gather pine cones, also perfect for crafts.

Fall is pumpkin season, so find a pumpkin patch to explore! Let your kids choose their own pumpkin to turn into a jack-o-lantern. Look for a pumpkin patch that offers lots of fun family activities. Some have hayrides, farm animals for petting, corn mazes and more. It’s a perfect way to spend a fall day.

Pumpkins aren’t the only produce to go in search of in the fall. If you live in the right part of the country, you can go apple picking as well. Find a local orchard and pick your own apples. Take them home to bake an apple pie, dip them in caramel for a real fall treat, or just enjoy them as they are, fresh and delicious.

Fabulous Fall Crafts

Those treasures you gathered on your walk in the woods can be put to good use in some fun fall crafts. Leaves can be glued into a scrapbook, or used to make a colorful centerpiece for your table. Fill a clear vase with leaves to display them beautifully as a fall alternative to flowers.

Turn your pine cones into little animals; pull pipe cleaners through at the top and bottom, and twist them underneath to make two sets of legs. Then glue on craft eyes, and add various finishing touches to make different types of animals. A pig might have a curly pipe cleaner tail and perky felt ears. Add wings for a bird, or a cotton ball tail for a rabbit. The possibilities are endless.

Your kids will have fun making their very own scarecrow to watch over the yard. Bring it down to kid size by using outgrown baby clothes or old doll clothes. Put sticks through the arms and legs of the clothes, and stuff with leaves. A larger piece of wood will form a backbone to help your little scarecrow stand. Top it off with a miniature pumpkin for a head, and draw on a face with markers.

Get in the Game

Autumn is football season, and kids will really enjoy the fun of attending a game. Skip the expensive tickets for the pro teams and go support your local high school team instead. The smaller venue will give you a better view of the game, and the community camaraderie will warm the atmosphere even on a cool fall evening. Snacks and hot chocolate in a thermos complete a fun family night out.

You don’t have to be spectators all the time! Spend a fall afternoon in the back yard or at the park playing a friendly game as a family. Keep it safe for young kids by skipping the tackles and playing touch football instead. You’ll get some exercise and have a lot of fun at the same time.

Fall offers endless opportunities for fun with your children. Enjoy the outdoors before it gets too cold, and share the beauty and wonder of the changing natural world.

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