Helping your Baby Explore

The more aware your baby becomes of his surroundings, the more his curiosity and desire to explore will grow. Exploring his world is an important part of learning and developing, so encourage your baby to check things out. Remember, he doesn’t know what is safe and what is not, so supervise his explorations closely to keep him safe!

Exploring the Senses

Your baby is busy making use of his senses to get to know the world around him. Things catch his attention either through sound or sight, and from there he wants to engage the rest of his senses to find out more. Encourage baby to touch the things he comes into contact with. Give him different textures to feel, such as soft blankets, a rough sponge, a smooth plastic ball.

Next, you will notice your baby putting all kinds of objects into his mouth. Don’t discourage him from doing this unless the object is dangerous to him! Let him put clean toys and other objects into his mouth, as long as there is no danger of small parts coming loose and choking him. Exploring things with the mouth is a normal part of your baby’s development. He is not only learning this way, he may also be showing the first signs of teething with his desire to chew!

Baby will do more through sight and hearing than just find things to touch. He is exploring the sights and sounds of his world all the time. Give him a mirror, and he will stare at himself for a long time, taking in this interesting new face. Sing to him, or play music to him. Try different types of music to see what he responds to most. Some babies may enjoy soothing classical music, while others enjoy bouncing pop music beats.

Baby on the Move

When your baby starts to crawl and make her way around the house, it’s really time to step up the safety patrol. While you want her to be able to practice her new skill and check out all the new sights, make sure she does it safely. Install gates, outlet covers and door latches to make sure she doesn’t get into anything. Then, set her free!

Help your baby get the most of her movements around the house by letting her check out some new things she hasn’t seen before. Keep one cupboard or drawer in the kitchen unlatched for her to open and dig through. Make sure it’s filled with safe items such as plastic bowls, storage containers and maybe a few measuring cups or wooden spoons. She will make a mess tearing everything out, but will have a great time with it.

Let baby follow you as you go through your daily routine, doing chores and preparing meals (use caution when preparing hot foods however), as she will be fascinated by what you have been up to! It might be tiring to have to re-fold all the laundry, but letting your baby check it out is helping her to learn about her environment.

Babies are little explorers, and they have a lot to learn, so encourage her inquisitiveness and engage her with new things as much as possible. Exploring doesn’t have to happen all at home either! Take your baby outside, and let her explore the yard or a park. There’s plenty to be learned out there as well.

With careful attention to safety precautions, your little one can satisfy her curiosity and learn more every day!

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