Planning for Baby’s First Birthday

It may be hard to believe, but you are staring down a major milestone. Baby’s first birthday is just around the corner and you feel just amazed by this fact. Wasn’t it just yesterday that you had that little bundle of joy?

If it feels like the time has simply gone by too fast, you’re not alone. Many parents are in awe of just how quickly the first year goes by and aren’t sure what to do when the milestone of a first birthday comes upon them. Many parents not only feel overwhelmed by the fact that their baby is turning one, but they may not know quite where to start in terms of the planning. This is a huge milestone and you do want to celebrate it with glee, but you have to ask yourself how much money, time, and effort that’s ultimately worth. So here are a few guidelines that can help to make planning your baby’s first birthday much easier and more enjoyable.

Keep It Simple

Here’s the reality of the situation-your little darling isn’t going to remember a thing! Sure they’ll look back on pictures and therefore you want it to be something special, but they are not going to remember any details of the event whatsoever. So before you get yourself all crazy thinking of which theme to select or what sort of elements to incorporate, remember that this is a party that is really more for you than for your baby. Not to burst any parent’s bubble, but the parents get far more out of the first birthday party than the kids do. That will change in years to come, but for now suffice it to say that simple is the way to go.

If they have taken to a favorite cartoon character or symbol then by all means incorporate it. If not though, don’t worry and just go with simple and effective. Fortunately there are many different first birthday “themes” out there that you can run with. Keep the decorations simple and just use the plates, napkins, and any decorations in a certain color theme or something else unified in nature. A cute idea is to put out pictures of your little one throughout their first year. These can serve as centerpieces on tables or just adorn the space of the venue that you’re working with. So try this out as a way of honoring your little one, and of course as a way to help decorate the party space.

Make The Baby the Center of Attention

Spend some of the money that you may have spent on extraordinary decorations on a cute outfit for your little one. This is their special day after all, so be sure that they are dressed in something cute and fitting for the occasion. Invite close friends and family, as the first birthday is usually one of the larger celebrations to mark such a special and memorable milestone. Have everybody around that is meaningful to you and your baby, as they will surely want to be a part of the celebration.

One of the most important parts of the first birthday party is most definitely the cake. Be sure to not only make or buy an adorable cake for your adorable guy or girl, but get them their own little smash cake as well. A first birthday party isn’t complete until you put that cake in front of the birthday person and let them go wild as they eat their way to stardom. That’s what first birthday parties are all about after all!

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