Playtime with Baby: Six Great Games!

Play is crucial to your baby’s development, as is interaction with you. It stands to reason that playing games with mom and dad are a great way to help your baby learn and develop. Simple, fun games are perfect for the kind of one on one attention your baby craves. Don’t worry about the flash cards just yet – your baby is learning plenty just from games just like these.

Peek-a-boo! I See You!

The classic baby game is popular for a reason; it’s fun, it’s simple, and babies absolutely love it. You can play in any number of ways too, from simply covering your face with your hands and pulling them off suddenly, to hiding around a corner and popping out to baby’s delight. Turn the tables on baby by tossing a light blanket over her head, and then pretending you can’t find her. She’ll giggle with delight when you pull the blanket down and “discover” her. Eventually, she’ll pull the blanket off herself, and watch for your reaction. Peek-a-boo comes full circle!

Bucket of Fun

Start with any kind of container, such as a bucket, basket, or box. Grab a pile of blocks or other small toys. One by one, drop them into the bucket, counting out loud, then let baby dump them out to her great pleasure. Next, change the game up a bit, dividing the blocks into colors and adding them one color at a time. Ask baby to help you pull them back out in the same manner.

Baby Hand

Play this game on a day when you don’t mind a little noise! Pull out various items in the kitchen such as pots, bowls, and cups (plastic, please!) and turn them upside down. Hand baby a wooden spoon and grab one yourself, and drum out some rhythms together! Baby will love making all kinds of different sounds, and making noise with not only your permission but your complicity is twice the fun.

Delicious Baby!

Nothing will make your baby laugh harder than pretending to eat up his little toes, fingers, and especially his tummy. Go all out with the performance, making lip-smacking and chewing sounds, and you will be rewarded with even bigger giggles. Label the body parts as you go to help baby learn their names.

Ready for Take-off

When baby is old enough to hold his head up very well, help him to take to the air! Holding him on his tummy with your arms underneath him, and fly him around the room making airplane sounds. For older babies, try lying on your back on the floor with your feet up in the air. Carefully arrange baby on your feet so that you can lift him into the air, holding onto his hands for balance. Then bring baby in for a landing by slowly dropping him onto your chest for a kiss on arrival!

Build It Up, Knock It Down

Baby will love building towers of blocks with you. See how high you can build and then get ready for the best part; tearing it down! Babies love to make a mess, and watching mom or dad get a good laugh out of their Godzilla act is just the icing on the cake.

There are endless possibilities for fun games you can play with baby, as long as you don’t mind getting down on the floor and getting a little silly. The rewards of baby’s learning and laughter are well worth it.

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