Super Games for Summertime Fun!

There is no season quite like summer for family fun. School is out, the sun is shining, and everyone is ready to get out and enjoy the warm weather. Keep your kids entertained all summer long with great games that keep them active and occupied. And don’t forget to get out there and play with them! You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy the summer, so grab the sunscreen and get out there.

Keep Your Cool

Not everyone has a pool in the backyard, but that shouldn’t keep you from cooling down and playing in the water. Turn your hose and small kid’s pool into your very own water park with a few simple adjustments.

Set up a small pool filled with water at the base of your play structure’s slide. Place the spout of the hose at the top of the slide and turn it on to create your very own waterslide. Add extra pizzazz by using a sprinkler next to the slide instead of the just the hose, giving kids a spray of water to slide through into the pool below.

Take a cue from a birthday party classic and make a summer pinata – only instead of candy, this piñata will shower down cooling water. You can make your own with a trash bag full of water suspended from a rope. Make your piñata prettier by using leftover orange trash bags from fall leaf collecting. Let the kids take turns being blindfolded and using a broom handle or stick to assault the bag until it bursts. Or, they can all go at it at once, and share in the downpour! Skip the blindfolds if you go this route, to make sure they don’t hit each other. For extra fun, add assorted waterproof prizes, such as small plastic toys.

Summer Sports

Summer afternoons were made for sports, and you don’t need to be an athlete to have fun. Nothing says summer more than a game of baseball. Get the family out to the park and take turns pitching and hitting. Or, simply play catch and get everyone in the game by playing in a circle, rather than back and forth between only two people.

No visit to the beach would be complete without a Frisbee. This classic beach toy is a must for family fun. Kids will have a blast chasing it through the sand and into the water too. In fact, there is nothing quite as cooling and fun as tossing a Frisbee around in the water. A diving catch is also a chance to take a dip and cool off! The family dog can join in this game as well, to your children’s delight.

Carnival at Home

Summer often brings a trip to the state or county fair, but you can have the same fun right at home. Turn your backyard into a carnival by setting up booths with fun games such as a ring toss, fishing game, and balloon-popping dart throw (save this one for older kids). Visit the dollar store for small prizes to award to the winners.

Put the finishing touches on your summer carnival with classic foods such as popcorn, hot dogs, corn dogs and cotton candy. And don’t forget the ice cream!

Summer days should be filled with memories your children will look back on fondly when they are grown. Make the most of your summer and head outside with the family for some of these classic summer games.

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