The Importance of Check Ups and Immunizations

Keeping baby healthy is every parent’s top priority, and the best way to ensure this is through regular check ups and immunizations against childhood diseases. Your baby’s doctor is also committed to keeping your baby healthy, so be sure to attend all recommended check ups. Vaccinations will protect your baby from illnesses that could be very serious, even fatal, so make sure you stay on track with those as well.

Baby’s Check Ups

Your baby’s doctor will want to see him on a regular basis during the first two years of life. At first, baby will be seen every two months, then every three, every six, and finally once yearly after the age of two. These check ups allow the doctor to keep track of baby’s growth and development, and keep an eye on his health as well.

Through regular check ups, a pediatrician can identify potential developmental delays, and get your child the therapy or intervention that will help him catch up. These visits also allow the doctor to make sure baby is growing the way he should be. If baby isn’t gaining weight at a normal rate, falls off his growth curve, or shows any other abnormalities in growth patterns, the doctor can investigate further to determine the source of the problem.

Every time your baby sees his doctor, he will be given a thorough physical to check for anything abnormal that could indicate illness or some other problem. From the most minor problems to much more serious ones, regular check ups are your best chance of catching something as early as possible, to prevent it from becoming worse. As with the regular visit to the obstetrician during pregnancy, well baby check ups are vital to making sure everything is going as it should, and baby is healthy and developing at a normal rate.

The Vaccination Question

Recently, a great deal of controversy has surrounded the issue of vaccination. Many parents are choosing to vaccinate their children on an alternate schedule, while others are skipping vaccinations altogether. The bottom line is that vaccines exist to protect children from very serious illnesses that could even result in death. The American Academy of Pediatrics comes down firmly on the side of vaccinating on schedule, as the benefits outweigh the potential risks.

Vaccinations have nearly eradicated numerous serious illnesses such as polio that once claimed many young lives. By ensuring that your child receives all of her vaccinations on schedule, you can help to keep things like polio in the past. Address your concerns about vaccines with your child’s doctor. Hopefully, you will be given the latest information to help put your mind at ease. New research has recently debunked some of the more frightening tales be circulated about vaccines, and your doctor can also share with you what the real risks of immunizations are so that you can avoid misinformation.

As a parent, you want to make the best decisions possible for your child’s health and well being, and sometimes that can be difficult. Remember that your baby’s doctor is your partner on the path to health, and is there to answer your questions and provide you with information to make it easier. Seeing your baby’s doctor regularly will ensure that your baby has the best possible chance of staying healthy and avoiding illness.

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