The Top Toys for Babies from 7 to 12 months

After your baby passes the half-year mark, he will really start to show major advances in motor skills and comprehension. During the next six months, he will start sitting on his own, pulling up on furniture, cruising around it and possibly even walking. His cognitive development will move along at a rapid pace as he begins to make more sense of the world around him.

During this stage, your baby will really begin to enjoy simple but educational toys that encourage development of both gross and fine motor skills, and also allow him to expand his growing knowledge of how things work, including cause and effect and object permanence. Towards his first birthday, more complex toys will grab and hold his attention.

Basic Blocks and Beyond

A good places to start, blocks are a toy that will grow with your child through the next six months of development and beyond. In addition to a very basic set of blocks which your child will learn to stack, sort and more, you might also want to pick up a set of nesting boxes. These boxes can be stacked but also nest within one another to encourage learning of sizes and spatial concepts. Towards baby’s first birthday, he will start to enjoy large interlocking blocks such as the Mega Bloks line.

During this time your baby will also benefit from the challenge of a shape sorter, which will help to develop manual dexterity as well as problem solving skills. Babies at this age will also have fun with stacking rings, which encourages hand-eye coordination.

Making Music

As your baby begins to understand the effect he can have on his environment, he will start to really get into making all kinds of noises. Look for simple noisemaking toys such as Leap Frog’s Learn N’ Groove series of electronic musical instruments that includes a piano, drum and more. Basic noisemakers such as rattles and maracas will be a huge hit at this age, and baby will happily make a drum out of just about anything.

Activity Tables

As your baby learns to pull herself up on the furniture, she will want to be on her feet as much as possible, practicing this new and exciting skill. An activity table is a perfect toy for this stage. Look for one that offers a number of interesting activities as well as sounds and lights. It should be stable enough to withstand baby pulling up and leaning on it as well.

Toys in Motion

During this developmental stage, your baby will start to enjoy pushing a toy along as she crawls or cruises along the furniture. Simple vehicles with moving wheels will encourage baby to get moving and follow along. Baby will also love balls that she can roll across the floor and chase after. Toys with pull strings will be a hit as well, following behind your little one as she makes her way around the house.

Watch for Choking Hazards!

At this age, your baby will want to put just about everything into her mouth. Between the natural developmental need to check things out with her mouth and the start of teething, everything will become a chew toy. Be cautious of any toys with small parts, and make sure there is nothing your baby can get fully into her mouth.

This is the perfect time to start building a collection of basic, versatile toys that will last well into the second year of life.

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