The Top Toys for Babies from Birth to 6 Months

In the first six months of your baby’s life, the best toys will be ones that engage him visually and encourage him to reach out and touch. As his eyesight improves from birth, toys which promote hand-eye coordination are tops. Toys that make noise to draw his attention are also good choices.

From birth to six months there is a large improvement in your baby’s motor skills, most notably in his ability to hold up his head and even sit with or without support. Because of this vast difference in the abilities of a newborn and a six month old, toys that grow with baby are a good investment.

Infant Gyms

For the first few months of life, your baby will spend the majority of his time on his back, looking up. Infant gyms, in spite of a name that implies climbing, are designed for infants to lie beneath them and look up at a variety of different hanging toys. Many of the toys are removable so that baby can take a closer look at them once he develops to the point of handling toys. Look for toys with high contrast colors, especially black and white, which are the easiest for baby to see.

Some infant gyms convert from a lie-beneath toy to a toy that baby can sit in front of, to allow him to continue to enjoy the gym after he is able to sit up. There are also some which offer tummy-time entertainment as well, for when baby is lying on his tummy. Brightly colored mats with different textures are perfect for tummy time, such as the one accompanying the Fisher Price Miracles & Milestones Magical Mobile Gym, which features a panda bear with a high contrast black and white face.

Textures and Sounds

Many of the early toys for baby are small, handheld toys, which offer either interesting textures for baby to feel, or make sounds, or both. They should also be in high-contrast colors to allow baby to see them better. Rattles fall into this category, but the standard rattle has come a long way over the years. Today’s rattles come in soft and hard options, or with a combination of both. The best of these toys will have an easy to grasp handle, varied textures, and surfaces for baby to put in her mouth and chew on, as she will quickly learn to do.

Rattling isn’t the only sound that is great for baby. Look for toys such as those made by popular baby toy maker Sassy for crinkling, rustling and bell sounds as well. Rattles and bells that can be attached to baby’s ankles and wrists will turn his very own limbs into an entertaining toy.

Mirror, Mirror

As your baby’s eyesight improves, she will discover the fascination of seeing her own reflection. Although she won’t yet connect that baby in the mirror with her own self, she will love to watch. Look for toys with built in shatter-proof mirrors large enough for baby to see her whole face, such as the Leap Frog Rhyming Reflections Crib and Floor Mirror, which makes animal sounds and plays a cheerful song too.

In these early months of baby’s life, a great deal of development is going on. Stimulating baby visually, as well as with sounds and textures, will help her to grow and learn about the world around her.

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