Tricks for Healthy Halloween Treats

Halloween is the holiday that children anticipate and dentists dread. While every holiday has its traditional treats, none can quite compare to Halloween for sheer sugar overload. Halloween doesn’t have to be a junk food nightmare, however. You can balance the scales a little by making some healthier treats at home to accompany the trick or treating goodies.

Naturally Sweet

Fruit may be the closest thing nature offers to candy, and it won’t be a tough sell to get your kids to eat some Halloween treats that are both sweet and healthy thanks to some spooky fruit recipes.

Make a healthy jack-o-lantern using an orange instead of a pumpkin. Hollow out a navel orange and cut out a face just like you would a pumpkin. Then fill your mini jack-o-lantern with tasty treats such as fruit salad, gelatin squares or crunchy nuts – whatever creative and healthy filling you can think of!

Caramel apples are a great way to combine a sweet treat with healthy fruit. You can buy caramel dip at the store, or make your own at home. They are delicious with just the caramel, but you can also dip them in nuts for an added touch and crunch.

Turn grapes into eerie eyeballs by cutting a small opening and pressing a raisin into one end. A bowlful of these creepy but tasty and healthy treats are sure to please your little ones!

Shape It Up

Turn all kinds of healthy foods into Halloween treats with cookie cutters. Pick up shapes like a pumpkin, ghost, and cat, and get creative. Make breakfast fun by cutting pancakes or toast into ghost shapes, and covering with a sprinkling of confectioner’s sugar to turn them white. A couple of raisins make perfect eyes!

At lunchtime, use a pumpkin shaped cookie cutter on a grilled cheese sandwich, and then cut eyes and a mouth. If you cut while the cheese is still warm, you’ll get a creepy oozing of cheese into the openings. You can do the same with peanut butter and jelly. Or make a jack-o-lantern face on a quesadilla, the round shape is perfect!

Cut Halloween shapes into pitas or another flat bread, and then bake until crispy. Serve your creepy crackers with black bean dip, or salsa. Or, cut shapes out of cheese slices for a matching accompaniment to the crackers.

Devilishly Delicious Drinks

Serve up fun Halloween beverages that will refresh without a ton of sugar. For a fizzy treat, mix orange juice with sparkling water, and add a touch of blood red by drizzling grenadine slowly into the glass.

Add fun to any Halloween drink by adding a few drops of food coloring to the water in your ice cube trays. Red and orange are great Halloween colors. Make your ice cubes extra creepy by freezing a small plastic spider into each cube!

Be Realistic

Keeping Halloween healthier is a great goal, but don’t cut out the candy altogether. Denying your kids the Halloween treats they have been waiting for won’t win you any fans. The goal for this sugary holiday should be to teach moderation, self-control, and also show kids that healthy foods can be fun and delicious too.

If you can get this message across successfully, you will raise kids who know how to enjoy a treat, but won’t turn their back on healthy snacks.

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