Using a Baby Schedule Chart to Help You Set a Routine

If you feel desperate to get your baby into some sort of routine, then a baby schedule chart may come in very handy. Though these may not have been as popular or as useful years ago as they are today, they are helping to bring great peace of mind to the parents of babies everywhere.

No mother or father truly understands just how much work goes into caring for a little baby. You may think that they will just sleep all the time, and therefore you will have plenty of time to do other activities. However the reality of the situation is that when your baby is little, you may often feel like you don’t even have enough time in a day to take a shower or brush your teeth. Fortunately, using tools and working towards a daily schedule can be of great help.

It Does Take Time

A baby schedule chart can come in very handy for helping you to get organized and make sense out of your day with baby. It is, however, quite important to note that it takes time because a newborn on an established schedule is a rare thing. As long as you go into the process with realistic expectations of what you can or should anticipate from a one month old versus a six month old, then you’ll be just fine. No matter how much help you get or which tools you utilize, it’s always important to note that it just takes time. Each baby is different and offers up a unique personality, so be sure to remember that as you work towards an established schedule that you can both agree to.

A great example of a baby schedule chart can be found at Though there are many out there, the reason that this one is particularly helpful is that it takes into account elements such as age, stage, and feeding needs. Getting a bottle fed baby onto a schedule, for example, is often easier than doing the same for a breastfed baby. So be sure to take into account any special requirements for your baby and be realistic about the point of life that you are both at.

A Routine Will Happen Over Time

Though you may feel as though you are constantly multi tasking and that your little darling will never be on a schedule, rest assured that it will happen over time. The thing that’s important to remember is that schedules are formed and that the more tracking and routine you work to provide, the faster it will occur. By utilizing a baby schedule chart such as this one, you can keep on top of feedings and sleep patterns. This will help you to see where things are going well and where you can perhaps institute a bit of routine and standardization. Every baby is different and though they will all fall into some sort of a routine, it may take longer with some than others.

As you attend each pediatrician appointment and work through the milestones, a baby schedule chart can help you to see progress and spot patterns. This makes the job of parenting a much easier one in the long run and allows you to stay ahead of the things that may be coming up in your baby’s life. Schedules and routines are important, though it is always smart to go into parenting knowing that there is no such thing as a certainty. So tune in to what your baby is doing, keep track of their days, and work towards a routine that you are both happy with over time.

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