Baby’s Movement As You Near Your Due Date

There are so many things about pregnancy that are truly magical. That moment when you first find out that you are pregnant is hard to describe. Then you go through the variety of symptoms, which though hard to deal with can hold some mystique as you recognize that this tiny little being has taken up residence. Seeing your baby for the first time on an ultrasound is of course a defining moment for most parents.

One of the most memorable moments that a woman experiences during pregnancy is feeling their baby move. This is hard to explain and even harder to describe, and it elicits some rather emotional reactions. You enjoy that movement from early on in your second trimester throughout the remainder of your pregnancy in most cases. It’s something that ties you to your baby and something that you will likely miss once you give birth. It is however important to understand that the baby’s movement patterns will change as you get later into your pregnancy.

Movement Patterns Change

Once you start feeling the baby’s movement in your pregnancy, you will likely be pretty tuned into it. Though it may be a bit sporadic at first, you may find that it starts to even out and maybe even become a bit predictable. Though this may not be the case for everyone, most women can plan on feeling their baby move at a certain time of day or after a certain activity such as eating sugary foods or a larger meal. Though your doctor will tell you not to worry if things aren’t quite so unpredictable, but they may very well ask you to ensure that you check for baby’s movement at least once a day. This is a good habit to get into so that you can ensure baby is doing what she’s supposed to in there.

Keep in mind that as you move throughout your pregnancy, your baby is growing tremendously. Your baby is putting on weight and taking up some major room in your growing uterus. Though the movement patterns may have started out with a flutter, they quickly evolved into kicks, rolls, and even what may have felt like punches in your belly. This is amazing and takes a woman’s breath away, but you do need to remember that just as this evolution took place so too will a new one. Once you enter into the third trimester and especially near your due date, you are going to feel things a bit less. This is nothing to be concerned about, but rather a very normal part of the pregnancy and the preparation for birth.

Less Movement Means Baby is Getting Ready

Though you do want to be careful to ensure that baby is moving here and there, as you near your due date the movement will be very different. While as you used to feel the baby roll over and could maybe even see this, you will likely experience a bit less of that as the baby gets into position for birth. Not only that, but the baby has grown so much that it has taken up a good amount of space leaving it far less room to move about within.

As you near your due date, you do want to ensure that baby is moving and always ask your doctor if you are concerned. However you do want to be aware that baby may very well be moving into position, have far less room to move, and is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do if you experience less movement.

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