Baby’s Preparation for Delivery

You know that the moment is nearing because your due date is just around the corner. You are now at the stage where you go in for weekly appointments, and therefore the time is coming closer and closer. You feel as though you are ready though you have anxiety about the big arrival. It’s an exciting time and you give much thought to what you are ready for and how you will fully prepare.

You’ve probably not given that much thought to what your baby goes through in anticipation for the big arrival. As your body gets ready, you know that things are happening as you can just feel it. There are many stages and things happening that get you ready for the big delivery. Just as you prepare both physically and mentally for the baby’s arrival, the same things are happening with the baby. Though they can’t really prepare emotionally, they are going through some changes at the last minute to ensure that they are ready for the big arrival as well.

Is Baby Really Getting Ready Too?

There are certain things you can feel and certain things that you can’t. You will be made aware of some of the changes that are occurring as you go through the weekly doctor appointments. Your doctor is checking to see if you are dilated at all or if your cervix is thinning in preparation for the big arrival. While all of these things are going on with you and your progress, baby is going through some important stages as well. You may be feeling a bit less movement than you have throughout the second and third trimesters. Not only has baby run out of room to romp about, but she has also begun her descent downwards towards the birth canal.

Your baby has developed all of their organs and body parts by the third trimester. However what they are doing up until the moment that they are born is bulking up, that is adding a whole lot of weight onto their tiny little frame. By week 38, they have fully developed lungs that they are working at until that very week. These are all important sings that they are getting ready for their big debut, though there’s a good chance that you’re not feeling a thing at all. The baby will do everything on their own time schedule and will get themselves ready for the arrival all on their own, often without you knowing a thing.

Getting Into Position

The most important thing that baby does to get ready for the big arrival is to get into position. This is something that you may or may not feel, and the way it works out will determine the type of delivery that you can have. If all goes as it should, then baby will move into the “heads down” position as she prepares for her entry into the big world through the birth canal. This may be felt by mom as a flip or some major movement as they move lower in the uterus and work towards the necessary “heads down” position.

Sometimes baby doesn’t really want to cooperate and may be “bottom down” which presents some problems for a vaginal delivery. If this happens, then the baby is considered to be breech and a C-section may very well be necessary. Remember that baby will do everything that she can to get herself ready for the big arrival, and they will do son their own timeframe.

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