C-Sections and The Health of Your Baby

Old Title: Is It True That Having a C-Section May Affect My Baby’s Immune System?

There is a great deal of anticipation when it comes to the birth of your baby. If you take a birthing class, then they tell you to create a birth plan. Even if you have one, there are always the unforeseen circumstances that you can’t quite plan for. Giving birth to a child is a very intense process and involves a great deal of factors to be lined up. If you go in assuming that things will go one way, they will almost certainly go another way. It just goes to show that when it comes to delivering your baby, you should be prepared for anything. There are many moms out there that worry about a C-section, and understandably so. There are however certain times when it can’t be avoided, but you do want to know what it means for your baby.

The Potential Risks

Though there is contradictory evidence, you can find information to support that a C-section could somehow create health problems for your baby down the line. What many believe happen is that the DNA is somehow compromised using a C-section as a method of delivery. When that happens, it can lead to a potentially weakened immune system or may even make them susceptible to health problems such as diabetes or asthma later on. This doesn’t become a certainty, but as you can see that the potential risks are there.

It is believed that babies delivered via C-sections don’t have time to properly prepare for birth. This means that it can put additional stress on the birth and the experience overall. While some may debate this, others believe that this is what can lead to all of the potential problems down the line. It’s important to talk to your doctor to see if this is the best delivery method for you. It is also important to talk to your doctor to understand when it is safe to plan for a C-section if that is deemed necessary. Anything before 39 weeks of pregnancy should be seriously questioned as baby’s full development isn’t complete.

There Are Instances Where It’s Safer

It is important however to remember that there are instances where a C-section may not only be desirable, but actually recommended as well. When the baby is breech and shows no signs of flipping in time for delivery, then the C-section creates a much safer delivery for mother and baby. When the woman has had another C-section in the past, there are many conditions that must be in line to ensure that vaginal delivery is even possible. Therefore a planned C-section may be the best possible option for a woman in this situation. If there is any distress within the baby or anything that could cause potential harm to mother or baby during delivery, then this too is an instance where a C-section is recommended.

The timing of the birth is an important factor, and many will find that the baby will respond much better to a planned C-section over an emergency one. So while there may be potential risks that can be scary to mom, doing whatever is best for the baby is what rules out in the long run. If a C-section is recommended, just ask a lot of questions and be sure that everything is happening as it is meant to so that there is no worry of potential health problems down the road.

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