Don’t Worry If You Drank Alcohol Before You Knew You Were Pregnant

Every new mom-to-be has their set of worries. They worry about maintaining a healthy pregnancy. They worry about ensuring that they give their unborn child everything that they need to help them grow big and strong. They worry about the potential risk of miscarriage or birth defects. Along with these common worries comes the notion of what you can and can’t eat or drink during pregnancy. You may think that pregnancy is a time to consume whatever you want, but there is actually a list of restrictions or limitations. One such substance on the list is always alcohol in any form. Therefore this leads new moms to a scary new worry-what if they drank before they knew they were pregnant?

Usually Nothing to Worry About

Let’s face it, most women do not find out that they are pregnant until several weeks into the pregnancy. They may have just missed a period or realized that they were late and suddenly are surprised when they see the results of a pregnancy test. Therefore there could be the potential for several weeks of alcohol consumption which has many moms worried. There have even been experiments run on this very phenomenon in the medical community. The reality is that there isn’t much of a potential risk to your unborn child if the drinking was done that early on. The baby is just barely developing at this point, and therefore you can usually put aside all concerns.

Just Quit When You Know For Sure

It can become overwhelming to worry about all the things you ate, drank, or did before you knew you were with child. However all of this worry isn’t going to do anything positive for the baby in the long run. Do your best to avoid the temptation to worry, as hard as it may be. Chances are that when you were drinking, it was within the first few weeks, right around the time that you expected to have a period. The embryo is so tiny and just starting to develop, that some alcohol won’t hurt the development. As evidenced in forums and medical advice sites across the web, drinking in early pregnancy is one of the most common concerns of pregnancy. However the most important thing to do is to quit drinking alcohol once you find out that you’re pregnant. This will ensure that there is no further potential risk and that you get on the path of caring for your baby first and foremost.

When In Doubt, Ask Your Doctor

If all else fails and you really need to put your mind at ease, then by all means talk to your doctor or healthcare professional. This is a time when many women have a lot of worries and questions, and therefore you can and should always count on your doctor. Ask them their thoughts on the subject, and chances are that they will tell you undoubtedly that there is nothing to worry about. Though they certainly wouldn’t recommend drinking during pregnancy, doing so early on before you even knew will likely pose no potential dangers to your unborn child.

As with any aspect of pregnancy, always talk to your doctor first. Tell them about this concern at your first appointment just to clear your head. When they tell you the same thing and assure you that there is nothing to worry about, then just do your part to put this aside and focus on proper care for your baby moving forward.

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