Ensuring That You Stay Within a Healthy Pregnancy Weight Gain

Though you may not want to admit it, you are going to gain some weight during your pregnancy. Even the healthiest and most fit woman will gain weight. This is a time in your life when it’s a good thing to gain weight. You don’t want to focus on dieting or any weight loss efforts. It’s actually desired that you gain weight for the good of your pregnancy and your baby. This may come as a very difficult adjustment for some women who focus so much of their time and attention on losing weight and staying fit and trim.

When it comes to pregnancy though, this is a time to focus on what’s best for you and your unborn child. If you limit yourself with your calories or work hard to avoid weight gain, you are going to regret that decision later on. Gaining the proper amount of weight ensures that your baby gets all the nutrients that it requires. It also ensures that the baby grows to a healthy and suitable size for delivery.

So What’s the Proper Range Anyhow?

The average weight gain that should be expected during a pregnancy is around 25-35 pounds. As you can see though that is due in large part to what your body type was before pregnancy. If you were underweight before you got pregnant, then you may be required and encouraged to gain a bit more weight than that. If you were overweight before you got pregnant, then you may be encouraged to gain a bit less weight. If you are carrying multiples, then the amount of weight gain will be all together different and may be double the average. If in doubt talk to your doctor and compare where you should be with where you started from pre-pregnancy.

How Do You Keep the Weight In a Healthy Range?

The problem is that many women consider pregnancy to be a time for going crazy with their eating. They have it ingrained into their heads that they are “eating for two” and this somehow gives them a license to get a bit crazy with their eating habits. It’s important to remember that while you do want to eat a healthy number of calories, you’re not necessarily eating for two per se. You should increase your calorie count by about 300 calories per day. This really isn’t much when you think about it as it can be consumed in a half of a sandwich and a cup of yogurt. So think about that the next time somebody says that you are eating for two.

This should also be a time where you are focused on eating the right foods. Though you may have cravings or hankerings for a whole plethora of unhealthy and sabotage foods, you can’t give in to all of these. You want to eat foods that are healthy and which provide your baby with all the right nutrients. Eating a diet rich in vitamins and minerals that is well balanced and comprised of lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, and whole grains is the preference. Rather than giving into every single craving for ice cream and french fries that you have, make that more of a treat than a staple. Learn how to enjoy eating during pregnancy, but ensure that it is still a healthy affair for you and your baby overall.

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