Getting In Shape and Recapturing Your Pre-Baby Body

Most women don’t really think too much about their body shape during pregnancy. No matter what you do, your body is going to change. Though it is most certainly recommended that most women incorporate exercise into their pregnancy, it’s not often the first thing that they think about. Many women either don’t have the energy or the desire to handle exercise, and therefore they put it off.

Though exercise is recommended, the reality is that you are going to gain weight throughout your pregnancy. Your body is going to change shape and size in preparation for that little baby. So long as you know that and accept it, then you will be just fine. However once that baby is born, it’s a whole different story altogether. Women are quick to look at celebrities and wonder why they can’t get back in shape that quickly after they deliver a baby. These aren’t always realistic depictions and therefore it’s quite important to think through what is best for you and your body after delivering your baby.

Know Your Limitations

The first thing to remember when you think about getting your pre-baby body back is that you may have some sort of limitations to work against. If you had a C-section, then you can realistically count out exercise for at least six weeks. It’s crucial to let the incision heal properly and if you exercise that puts your recovery at risk. You need to be sure that you are cleared for exercise first and foremost.

You also want to be sure that you are personally ready for that bout of exercise. If it’s been at least nine months since you last exercised, then just take it slowly. Even if you exercised throughout your pregnancy, you should still take your time as your body may very well respond differently to things now. Go with what feels good and comfortable within your body so that you don’t put any unnecessary strain on your new body.

Use The Right Exercises

Though every woman is different and therefore every body is different, you want to be sure to get into exercises that are right for you and your needs. Consider walking or hiking as a good first exercise to get into. It’s easy on the body and is something that you can start slowly and then build your way up to. This is common amongst many new moms who want to exercise but aren’t sure where to start.

You can also look to popular exercise options amongst new moms such as swimming, yoga, elliptical, low impact aerobics, or even the bike. Get into a routine and go with what feels good. Know that you are dealing with a different body now. Though you will eventually uncover that pre-baby body under there, you need to give it time.

It took you plenty of time to put the weight on and for your body to change in shape and size. Therefore as much as you may want a recovery in a matter of days or weeks, it may not happen. Just be patient with it and know that it will come in time. Don’t go by celebrities as they have different resources at their fingertips that most of us don’t. Just put forth the effort, do your very best, and build your way up in your fitness needs as it feels good and comfortable with your body.

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