Getting In Some Sleep With a New Baby

You may have feel like you waited forever for your new little bundle of joy to arrive. Now that the time is here and you’re holding them in your arms, you feel so full of joy you can hardly stand it. After the reality of your new baby sets in a bit, you start to realize just how tired you are. All of a sudden, you may wake up one day and realize that you are just downright sleep deprived. This is a terrible feeling for all new parents. Though you love your new baby and want to give them the very best, you are also recognizing that their waking at night is leaving you feeling exhausted. This is rather frustrating for many parents and they may find that they need to get into some sort of pattern, or at least get more sleep and get it quickly.

Cut Down on the Damage

Your baby is going to get up at night, that much you can’t deny. It’s unrealistic to think that your baby will stay down for the entirety of the night when you lay them down. What you can do is keep your waking time and theirs to a minimum. Take a look at these ideas and you will quickly see that you can get into a sort of habit in the middle of the night. First and foremost, avoid the temptation to put them down in bed with you. This not only ensures that they will get used to snuggling up next to mom and dad, but will also ensure that neither of you are getting a restful night. Get them up, feed them, change them, and then put them back to bed. Keep it short and sweet.

You also want to do your very best to share the responsibilities however possible. So for example if you are bottle feeding, get into some sort of a routine or pattern whereby you and your partner are sharing the feedings. Let them take the late night feeding and you go to sleep earlier so that you can get up for the next one. Whatever you can do to get in a few uninterrupted hours of sleep will help both of you in the long run. Figure out a routine that works best for you, ensures that your baby gets everything that it needs, and that you get in as much sleep at one time as is possible.

Sleep Whenever You Can

It may seem that “me time” is hard to come by these days. With a bit of help, though, you can enjoy a bit of napping or at least relaxation with the proper planning. The first rule of thumb that many experts will tell you is to nap when your baby naps. This is often easier said than done because if you have another child or a job, this is just not a reality for you.

Whenever possible, you want to try to get some time to put your feet up, relax, and catch a few winks if at all possible. This will really do wonders to recharge your engines and leave you feeling energized. It’s important to be flexible enough to change up your sleeping patterns as necessary. Knowing that you are going to get up in the middle of the night, you may very well want to go to bed earlier. This may take some adjusting, but it’s a great way to ensure you get plenty of sleep and are ready to care for your new baby.

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