Getting Pregnant After Going Off of Birth Control

If you think about it, we do so much to prevent getting pregnant when we’re young or simply not ready. Many women go to great lengths to ensure that they don’t get pregnant before they are ready to welcome a baby into their lives. They pick their partner carefully and often turn to various forms of birth control to ensure that pregnancy is not an option.

Many women end up taking the birth control pill at some point in their lives. This is a very popular method by which you can prevent pregnancy, and therefore many women turn to it. Some women take it for a number of years as it’s easy, so long as you remember to take it each and every day. If you want to avoid pregnancy or at least hold off for now, then the pill is the way that many women choose to go.

When it does come time for a woman to want to start thinking about pregnancy however, there can be concern about the number of years that she’s taken the pill. Will this hamper her chances of getting pregnant? Do you have to wait a certain amount of time before trying?

The Opinions Have Changed

Essentially what the pill helps in doing is preventing a woman from ovulating. This is an essential part of a monthly cycle, particularly when a woman is trying to get pregnant. Once a woman gets off of the pill, her ability to start ovulating comes back again. The amount of time that it takes a woman to start having a regular menstrual cycle may vary quite significantly. However once the cycle is back and a woman is ovulating and then getting a monthly cycle, she is certainly able to conceive.

You can see that according to most sources that it generally takes an average of two to three months for a woman’s cycle get back to normal and become a bit regulated. Because of that fact, many experts used to say that a woman had to wait a period of two to three months before even trying to get pregnant. This isn’t necessarily the case as it’s not a steadfast rule that a woman must wait to start trying. She may very well not be successful until things even out and her regular cycle is present. However, there is no real time limit that a woman must wait before she starts trying to conceive. It just won’t work until ovulation and a full monthly cycle is in effect, but no time limit is required anymore.

Listen To Your Body

Though the average amount of time that it takes for a monthly cycle to return is two to three months, it’s important to remember that this is just an average. It can take up to a year for a woman to get her body back into its normal state, and therefore you want to keep this in mind. If you have aspirations of getting pregnant down the road a couple of months, it can always be wise to get off the pill and see what your body does. Talk to your doctor as you decide to come off of the pill so that you know what you may be up against, depending on the type of pill you’ve been on and the amount of time you’ve been on it.

Every woman is different; therefore you want to always listen to your body. You will know when things are working as they should, and therefore conceiving will happen when your body is ready for it.

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