Healthy Snacks to Beat Afternoon Hunger

When afternoon hunger strikes and you are stuck at work, it can be all too easy to turn to a vending machine full of junk food. When you are pregnant, however, it becomes even more vital that you avoid the urge and turn to a healthy snack instead. If you plan ahead and have a convenient, delicious and nutrient-packed snack handy, you will find it much easier to skip the junk.

When you are planning for your afternoon snack at work, try to choose a snack that will keep you full until dinner. Include protein and fiber, and avoid snacks that provide only simple carbs. A snack high in sugar will not keep you feeling full for long, and may cause a crash that will contribute to that afternoon feeling of fatigue. So skip that tempting chocolate bar and go for one of these snack options instead. They will give you sustained energy that lasts for the rest of your work day, and won’t have you looking for another snack.

Fresh Fruits and Veggies

Snacks that include fruits and veggies are a great option. They are portable, healthy, and when combined with the right foods can provide the fiber and protein combination that will prevent you from being hungry again in an hour.

Try apple or pear slices with a cup of low fat vanilla yogurt for dipping. The yogurt will provide the protein, while apples and pears are high in fiber and lower in sugar than some other fruits. Many grocery stores sell pre-sliced apples which can be very convenient if you are short on time.

Pair celery sticks with peanut butter for a tasty, crunchy snack. The peanut butter provides both fiber and protein, a double benefit. You can also enjoy other fresh veggies such as carrots and broccoli along with your celery for more nutrition and more filling fiber.

Go Nuts

Instead of cheese and crackers, pair a few slices of cheese with a handful of nuts like almonds for a satisfying snack that will keep you going until dinner. A trail mix that combines dried fruits with nuts is another perfect afternoon snack. Make up a batch at home and then divide it into small plastic bags. They will be easy to grab on the go, and also make sure that you don’t overeat – this type of snack makes it all too easy to keep eating!

Use some caution when choosing nuts however, as some that have been salted may contain high levels of sodium.

Choose Whole Grains

A whole grain bagel, English muffin, or even toast topped with peanut or almond butter is another great afternoon snack choice. These foods aren’t just good for breakfast! Any of them will provide lots of fiber, and once again peanut butter comes to the rescue to add flavor and protein.

Another great snack mix idea: mix together a whole grain cereal like Cheerios with some raisins and low-salt pretzels for a delicious combination of flavors that will kill your afternoon hunger quickly.

Keep some of these snack options ready at your desk at all times. Those that don’t require refrigeration are easy to keep handy so you can reach for one even if hunger hits when you are too busy to leave your desk. Smart snacking will keep your body fueled throughout the day and avoid empty calories.

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