How to Handle Common Pregnancy Symptoms

Every woman seems to deal with different symptoms and discomforts throughout her pregnancy. If it’s not one thing, then it’s another. Though there are a few women that are lucky and slide through their pregnancy unaffected, this is not necessarily the norm.

Women have been plagued by things such as heartburn, backaches, and nausea for as long as they have been having babies. Though we have become more adept at diagnosing them, there is often a lack of education for how to properly deal with them. There’s so much to think about as it is when it comes to pregnancy and our unborn child. So if you can find a way to handle the most common pregnancy symptoms, wouldn’t that make life much easier. Here are some simple ways for warding off or at least limiting the pregnancy symptoms that you may be coping with on a regular basis.

Get the Gastrointestinal Upset Under Control

Oh there are just so many things that can go wrong when it comes to your gastrointestinal system and pregnancy. You have to remember that your body is in a hormonal overdrive and that accounts for many of the discomforts that you may be feeling. When it comes to nausea, this is likely the most common symptom that women experience during their pregnancy. You can turn to home remedies such as Vitamin B6, ginger, and even peppermint. These are all proven to provide relief and alleviate that constant sick feeling that may have taken you over.

When it comes to heartburn, you want to avoid common triggers. There are certain foods that tend to present the most problems in terms of heartburn and these include spicy foods, caffeine, and fried foods. You can also eliminate the likelihood of heartburn by eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day. If you eat big meals all at once in one sitting, then the food will likely sit like a brick in the stomach. This will all contribute to a greater likelihood for chronic heartburn that can plague you throughout your entire pregnancy.

You also want to work to get a handle on constipation, as this is quite common amongst pregnant women everywhere. The best thing that you can do is slowly add in the appropriate amount of fiber into your diet. Start with this as a part of your diet through fresh fruits and vegetables and beans. Then if necessary move to fiber supplements with your doctor’s approval to ensure that things keep moving and you don’t end up with constipation that can be frustrating and even painful.

Managing the Aches and Pains

You may feel as though there are times when your whole body hurts. Your feet hurt, your back hurts, and your whole body aches from carrying around the extra weight. This is all too common and fortunately there are some simple but effective things you can do to manage this symptoms. If you are battling the common aches and pains, particularly in a common area such as your back, then work to get it under control quickly. Start by getting off your feet. Sometimes the simple act of resting can be a great help to this common discomfort. Next you want to alternate hot and cold compresses to the affected area. This will help to provide natural relief and also give you a much needed opportunity to relax.

If you are coping with chronic headaches as a part of your pregnancy, you’re not alone. Between the increase of hormones and the increase in mucus that can result in terrible sinus problems, this is something that many pregnant women face. You want to first eliminate any unnecessary stress from your life. This will help to get rid of any tension headaches and put your whole body at rest. You want to also be sure that you are getting a good night of sleep because this can contribute to a headache over time. You can alternate the compresses here too. If all else fails, you may turn to a pain reliever such as acetometaphin so long as your doctor approves it.

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