Managing Morning Sickness Throughout the Day

Whoever called it morning sickness clearly never experienced it. Though some women are lucky enough to avoid the nauseous stage of their pregnancy, many are extremely affected by this all-too-common symptom. The reality is that most women will experience some sort of nausea or vomiting at some point in their pregnancy. It can be very difficult to deal with, and can make the simplest functions seem complicated.

Another harsh reality that many women experience is that they don’t just experience this sickness in the morning, but rather the whole day through. Some may feel sick throughout each day and it lasts as long as they are awake. Still others are affected by that sick nauseous feeling in the afternoon or later in the day. There’s no rhyme or reason as to how it affects different women. There are, however, some reasons behind why it occurs and those can be very helpful to know.

What Makes You So Sick?

If you’ve ever experienced this terrible nausea it can feel like you have the stomach flu or as if you’re sea sick. The problem is that it can last for hours throughout the day and can carry on for weeks or even months. What’s happening in most instances is that the hormones are hard at work to supply for your baby. Hormonal changes are the most common cause for morning sickness or nausea at anytime.

The hCG hormone which helped to indicate that you were pregnant is what starts off the process. Then the higher levels of estrogen and progesterone that are needed for the baby go to work. They are essential for the pregnancy and the baby’s development, but they can really slow things down in terms of digestion and overall stomach upset.

Add to these hormonal changes the fact that your sense of smell is heightened. This results in a great aversion to foods and smells that can leave you feeling awful if you experience them. The simplest things that you may have loved before pregnancy such as coffee can make you sick to your stomach with a single whiff. As the day goes on and particularly if you have a tricky stomach to begin with, the nausea may hit you later on in the day. It may even last throughout the entire course of the day, and that makes eating and simple functioning very difficult. So you can see why some women are hit particularly hard with the nausea and even vomiting in some instances.

Managing Your Nausea

If you happen to be one of those women who experience the nausea later on in the day, there may be some things that you can do to alleviate it. Many will tell you that eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day can bring great relief and help the nausea to subside on its own. Keeping the stomach full and eating bland foods when the nausea hits such as saltine crackers or pretzels can offer additional help.

No matter what time of day the nausea hits, you can always get some help with natural remedies that are perfectly safe to take during pregnancy. You can always turn to ginger in any form as it naturally helps to soothe the stomach and alleviate the nausea that you may be feeling. You can also turn to remedies such as Vitamin B6 which help to naturally curb the nausea. Knowing about these remedies and helping to naturally get rid of the nausea can help you to ward it off later in the day and get rid of it altogether.

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