Managing Your Expectations During Pregnancy

There are many points of view of what realistic expectations are during pregnancy. Though this may be quite different for every woman, it is most certainly something to consider. Have you ever really thought about what your expectations are throughout your pregnancy?

Even if you have been pregnant before, you may quickly find that each and every pregnancy is different and therefore brings about all sorts of different thoughts and concerns. If you’ve never given much thought to it, then it may be something to sit and contemplate. Are you fully prepared for what pregnancy will be like? Have you talked to your partner about each of your expectations to ensure that they are realistic and in line with each other? All of these things are good to think through, but the bottom line is to expect the unexpected. This is often what will happen in a pregnancy and in parenthood, so getting used to that philosophy can work quite well.

It Is a Change Physically and Otherwise

If you think that pregnancy is simply a physical change, then you are in store for some big surprises. It is a stage of life that contains a great deal of physical changes, that’s for sure. You will watch your body change and morph into something that you never envisioned. You will change in shape, in size, and in some instances, you may not even recognize your own body. That will all change back with a bit of hard work after the baby is born, but for the time being it can be a lot to take in.

Pregnancy also contains a lot of mental and emotional changes as well. Your hormones will be on a roller coaster at times, and therefore preparing yourself for that is always a good idea. You may feel less than joyous at all times. You may feel anxious, sad, nervous, angry, or just plain run the gammet of emotions on any given day. So know this in advance and ensure that you set this as a realistic expectation or both you and your partner. If you don’t, then it may come as quite a shock when these changes occur.

Expect the Unexpected

Anybody going into pregnancy thinking that things are going to be and stay a certain way will be shocked when that is not the case. Expect the unexpected and you will be just fine. This is also the case for parenthood, so it can serve as great preparation. You can do everything right throughout your pregnancy and take care of yourself really well, and yet still can develop high blood pressure. You can eat all the wrong foods and eat far too much sugar, and yet never develop gestational diabetes. You may be a tiny girl with a tiny frame, and yet you may still have a rather large baby.

There are no assurances, so do your best to get prepared and get ready, but also to be flexible. That’s the best lesson that any pregnant woman can learn as she heads into her pregnancy. You can have expectations and do your part to manage them, but just know that they may change up a bit from time to time. So get ready for a long and crazy journey, and above all be sure to expect the unexpected and enjoy every minute of it.

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