Managing Your Weight Throughout Your Pregnancy

There is no other time in your life when it is perfectly acceptable and even highly recommended to gain weight. Most of the time we as women spend our lives trying to lose weight or keep slender, and then all of a sudden we are faced with the notion that we can and should gain weight. It can be a lot to get used to for some women. Others really embrace the concept of “eating for two” and enjoy eating foods that they normally wouldn’t.

Though eating during pregnancy can most certainly be fun, it is important to remember that it’s not a free for all. Eating too much or the wrong foods can be bad for our health, bad for the pregnancy, and ultimately bad for the baby. You want to ensure that you go about your weight gain in the proper manner so that you can maintain a healthy range throughout.

Managing How You Gain the Weight

Though you may be inclined to just eat as much as you want whenever you want, do your best to ignore that urge. As you can see from this chart that there is a lot that makes up the typical weight gain. You can usually expect to gain anywhere from 25-35 pounds in a typical pregnancy, though this can vary a bit. The growing uterus, the placenta, all of the fluids, and the baby itself make up much of this weight gain. The rest however is up to you and therefore it’s quite important to manage how exactly we gain the weight throughout our pregnancy.

Though you can give into your cravings here and there, do your best to ensure that you don’t do it each and every day. Try your best to eat a well balanced diet that is rich in nutrients that your baby needs and your body craves. Try to get in exercise throughout your pregnancy so long as you are cleared for this and feel up to it. The combination of exercise with healthy eating will help to ensure that you put on the pregnancy weight in the right way. It will also make the task of taking off the weight much easier at the end of it all.

Keep It In Check Throughout Your Pregnancy

Many women are astounded by just how they gain the weight, and this can vary quite significantly. If you were on the thin side before pregnancy, then you may find that you gain the weight quickly and keep it coming as your body prepares for the baby. If you were on the heavier side before pregnancy, then it may take you a little while to gain the weight and then it may hit all of a sudden towards the middle of your pregnancy.

Many women may make it through their first trimester gaining virtually no weight as they are sick all the time. Then when that magical second trimester hits, they find that the weight comes on rapidly. There’s no one set pattern for how the weight is gained, and therefore you need to manage your eating habits and healthy lifestyle throughout. This will always help you to ensure that the baby gets everything that it needs. It will also ensure that you stay in good shape, and that you ultimately deliver a healthy and happy baby.

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