Office Stretches for the Mother-To-Be

No matter who you are, if you sit at an office desk all day, then it is a good idea to get up every few minutes and move around. It is also important that you stretch. However, if you are pregnant, then it is even more important to stretch and move about. While you may not feel the need to keep up a regular stretching and movement program each day at work while in your early pregnancy, you will find that, as time goes on and your body changes more and more, those stretches will be crucial to your overall level of comfort and health.

Starting stretches and movement during your early pregnancy will not only help prepare your body for later pregnancy and childbirth, it will also help build that habit of exercise early on so when you really need it it will be second nature to you. First of all, it is good to start each morning with some movement and stretches. You can run or walk on the spot (whichever is most comfortable for you) and you can do some general stretches.

At the office you will generally want to get up and move around for about 15 minutes for each hour that you are sitting. During this time of movement or at any other time during the day you can do a few stretches, all while sitting in your office chair. Here are a few stretches that you can do quickly a few times throughout your work day:

Neck Stretches: While sitting in your chair with a straight spine you will gently rotate your neck. You can also gently let your chin fall toward your chest and rotate your head from side to side. Be sure to keep your shoulders and neck relaxed during these stretches. Another good neck stretch involves keeping your shoulders down and relaxed and then bringing first your left ear to your left shoulder and then your right ear to your right shoulder.

Wrist Stretches: Next you can move on to your wrists. After all, they are very likely typing at a keyboard all day. By gently rotating your wrists both to the left and to the right you can loosen them up. You can also flex them by taking each in turn, keeping your elbow straight, and gently using your opposite hand to slowly bend your wrist down until you feel a stretch and then up until you feel a stretch.

Shoulder Shrugs: Shoulder shrugs are another great and easy stretch to do while you are sitting at your desk. Make sure your shoulders are relaxed, but that you are not slouching. Sit up in your chair with a straight spine. Then raise your shoulders toward your ears, bring your shoulder blades together, and then push your shoulders back down.

Upper Body Rotation: Cross your arms over your chest and slowly rotate your body from side to side.

Hip Stretches: While sitting, bring your right ankle up to rest on your left knee. Keeping your spine straight lead with your bellybutton and slowly stretch over your bent knee. Repeat on the other side. You will feel this stretch in the buttocks and your outer thigh.

As you can see these are all stretches that you can easily do while sitting at your desk. They will help keep your body loose and flexible and in combination with getting up and moving regularly your circulation and back will feel better as your pregnancy progresses. When it comes time to have your baby, your body will be in great shape.

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