Preparing Body, Mind and Home for a Twin Pregnancy

Being pregnant with twins is very exciting, but it can also be more than a little bit scary. There are several things to keep in mind during your twin pregnancy. Not only are you going to have double the babies and double the things to buy, but you are also going to have double the pregnancy symptoms. It is important to take care of your body and mind while preparing your home during a twin pregnancy.

Preparing Your Mind

First, do not let your fears rule your life. Every parent has worries and fears about the outcome of the pregnancy, getting ready for the baby, and being a good parent. Being pregnant with twins means you will probably have even more fears than most. You should talk about your concerns with your doctor and your spouse, then put them aside. Learn about the risks that come with multiple births so that you can prepare for them and avoid them with doctor’s orders, but do not dwell on them. There is much to do, and you cannot waste any time being too afraid to do it.

Preparing Your Body

Pregnancy takes a lot out of your body in the way of stored fat, proteins, and nutrients, and a twin pregnancy takes even more. It is vitally important that you get all of the vitamins and nutrients your body needs, as well as what both of your babies need. A woman pregnant with a single child needs to nearly double her calcium intake and eat twice as many fruits and vegetables. A woman pregnant with twins needs to nearly double this again. It may seem like you are eating all the time, but eating many frequent meals or snacks throughout the day will ensure you are getting all the nutrition you and your babies need.

A twin pregnancy also comes with twice the symptoms. You may have worse nausea, worse heartburn, worse everything. Saltines, rest and fluids are the best remedies for most of your discomfort. You will experience more back pain than a single pregnancy, so invest in a good heating pad or back massager. You should also expect more stretch marks and dry skin, so get some really good cocoa or shea butter lotion.

Preparing Your Home

Do not become overwhelmed thinking you have to have two of everything right off the bat. If you are having a boy and a girl, try to buy mostly unisex clothing in light greens and yellows. If you don’t know what you are having this works well also. The more clothing your children can share, the better off you will be. There will always be lots of laundry, so focus more on quality than quantity. You should also consider using cloth diapers rather than disposable, as the average family with twins goes through 140 diapers a week.
It is okay to start out with one crib in the beginning, giving you a few months to purchase a second one. The babies will be small enough to share a bed, and they will draw comfort from each other as well. You will need two car seats, however, and a good quality double stroller is an absolute must.

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