Simple and Effective Ways to Get Exercise Into Your Day

No matter what your stage of life, finding time for exercise can be tough. When you were busy with your career, you had no time to do anything but work. When you were pregnant, you were likely too tired to get up and get moving. Now that you’re post partum you may feel as though all you do is care for your baby and have little time for anything else.

After an initial adjustment period, you may just find that fitting exercise into your day is far easier than you had anticipated. The problem is that most people look at exercise as a sort of torture or a way by means they must hit the gym and sweat profusely. With your new adjustment to motherhood, a new baby to care for, and likely a new body to get back into shape, this is likely not the way that you want to do it. So if you are really struggling to find time to exercise, consider some really easy tips that can get you moving and physically fit.

Don’t Always Take the Easy Way

The problem with most people is that they take the easy way. We are often in a hurry and just want to get from Point A to Point B as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Avoid this temptation and you open up a bunch of great exercise opportunities. Consider parking a bit further from the store and walking to get your heart pumping. Rather than grabbing the closest parking spot, this method ensures that you get a brisk walk in and really adds up if you do it consistently. Another easy way to get in some exercise is to take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator-a bit harder to do if you happen to have the baby in a stroller, but whenever possible can get in some heart pumping exercise.

Another excellent way to get some exercise in is to consider putting the baby in the stroller and walking to wherever you need to go. Obviously you want to consider weather and distance in this, but just a quick trip to the store can be made much more enjoyable and add in some serious physical elements if you try this out. Beats taking the easy way and is a great way to get in some exercise and bond with the baby!

Get a Friend in on the Act

Many new moms find that they barely have enough time to care for their baby, much less do anything else. If you feel that you’ve been neglecting your friends lately or are looking for a creative way to add in some physical activity, this may be the way to do both.

Consider getting your friend to go walking with you outside or at the mall once a week. Meet a friend for a quick jog around the park when you’re up for it. If you both have kids, put them in the stroller and get in a power walk before you end up at a park. Whenever you can get a friend in on the act it allows you to spend some quality time with them and get in your exercise. If all else fails, look for an exercise class in your area that includes the baby. There are yoga or power walking classes everywhere made just for mother and baby that ensure you get quality time with your new little bundle of joy, and that you get in the perfect amount of exercise.

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