The Danger of Smoking During Pregnancy

We know that it’s a bad habit, but yet many of us pick it up somewhere along the way. There’s nothing cute or glamorous about smoking, but yet many women still can’t kick the habit. It may have been something that you picked up when you were much younger, and have inevitably become addicted to. It may be something that you turn to when you’re stressed or when you’re in a social situation.

The smoking pattern of everyone is quite different, but yet the results are the same. Though we hear it time and time again, we somehow ignore the warnings that smoking is bad for us. We know that there is long term potential risks and danger to our health, but we have such a difficult time in quitting. When it comes to pregnancy however, there has never been a greater reason to quit the bad habit. Though we know that smoking is bad enough for us, it takes things to an exponential high when it comes to smoking during pregnancy. Quitting smoking is what you should do for the baby, and there are many reasons why.

Consider the Risks to Your Pregnancy

Though common sense can tell you what you already know, smoking is inherently bad for you and your baby. If the risks to you alone weren’t enough to get you to quit before, consider what smoking can do to your baby and to your pregnancy. The risks as you can see on a chart like this are numerous and therefore this is something to stand up and take notice of.

During pregnancy, there are a great number of risks that can come about as a result of smoking. If you are worried about maintaining a healthy pregnancy, then smoking is the first thing to cut out. When you smoke, it cuts off oxygen and nutrients that your baby and your placenta need to thrive and survive. When this happens, your baby isn’t getting what it needs. Additionally the placenta will spread out in search of oxygen for the baby and this can lead to placenta previa. In this condition, the placenta can cover up the cervix and this is a huge danger. You contribute to the risks of an ectopic pregnancy, vaginal bleeding, and a displacement of the placenta. These are only the risks present to and during your pregnancy – it does get worse!

Consider the Risks to Your Baby

As if the risks to your pregnancy aren’t enough, consider the actual risks to your unborn child. When a woman is pregnant, she will usually put nothing before the health and safety of her baby. She lives for her baby and does whatever she can to nurture and care for her baby in the womb. When you smoke however, this nurturing isn’t exactly happening.

Smoking can lead to miscarriage, stillbirth, low birth weight, and many of these unthinkable consequences of pregnancy which lead to the unthinkable with your baby. You are contributing to possible birth defects such as a cleft lip and may even cause actual breathing problems in your newborn once they are born. Down the road, smoking during pregnancy may even contribute to your child developing asthma. So you can see that the risks far outweigh the necessity to light up. If you ever needed a reason to quit smoking, let the health of your baby be the incentive that you needed.

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