Thinking Ahead for Your Stay in the Hospital

It’s almost time for the baby’s arrival and you have a lot to do. You want to get the house ready and be sure that everything is just perfect for you to bring your little bundle of joy home. Though you’ve probably planned out every little detail of your pregnancy and are sure that you’ve anticipated everything for baby’s arrival, there is often one major thing that is overlooked.

You’ve probably considered everything after the birth, but have you thought through all the details for your actual hospital stay? Many women get so consumed with the actual birth and arrival, that they often forget to plan ahead for this major hospital stay. Thinking through a few major details can take a great deal of stress out of things later on.

Think Of Who You Want There

One thing that can really stress a lot of women out is who they have there at the hospital. If you think this through in advance and then consider your options, this can be easily communicated in advance.

  • Do you want just your partner there with you when it comes time for the delivery?
  • Are there any other family members that you want present?
  • Do you wish for others to be there in the room with you or wait in the waiting room?

These are all areas that can tend to be stressful if not planned out in advance, so giving some thought can alleviate much of that. You also want to consider visitors after the baby is born. Many family members and close friends will have the best intentions and wish to visit you in the hospital. Consider if this is something that you are comfortable with, or if you’d rather wait until you get home to welcome visitors in to see the new baby.

Making Arrangements Beforehand

Anything that you can do in advance will help you to relax and enjoy the new baby once it has arrived. Take the time to pre-register for your hospital stay while you are still pregnant. If you have any other children, consider who will watch them while you are in the hospital. Work it out with your spouse if you want them to be there with you in the hospital the whole time. Consider who can be there quickly when labor comes on and who can stay with your child while you are in the hospital. These are all important considerations that should really be thought out in advance. Not only can this help you to sit back and relax a bit, but it can ensure that you make the proper arrangements. Be sure that you work out similar arrangements if you have a pet that must be cared for while you are in the hospital so that Fido isn’t left at home without food or water for a couple of days.

Think Of How You Want The Hospital Experience To Be

Though things don’t always go the way that we plan, you do want to think about what you’d like to happen while you are in the hospital. Do you want to keep the baby in the room with you at all times? Are you interested in sending the baby to the nursery at night so you can get some sleep? Do you want a lactation consultant to visit you if you plan to breastfeed? Think through anything that is important to you so that you can plan for it in advance. All of the plans that you make can allow you to focus on the beautiful new baby that you have, and take the guesswork out of things later on.

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