Trying to Get Pregnant with the Second Child

You’ve probably heard it all before. If you have tried to get pregnant and had a difficult time or taken a bit longer than expected, you’ve probably heard a bit of advice from everyone. You hear the old wives’ tales such as eating spicy foods. You hear the somewhat alternative medical advice such as to drink raspberry tea or to seek out acupuncture. You even hear from multiple sources to relax – and this can be the most frustrating of all the advice in the long run, even if it may be true.

The reality is that if you have suffered through fertility problems once, the notion of a second child can be a bit scary. Not because you don’t have enough love to embrace a second child, but rather because you may be scared of just how long the road can be to get pregnant with the second one. Many couples assume that when the time comes for them to be ready to start trying for a baby, it will just happen naturally. More and more couples are finding however that it’s not always that easy. Therefore many wonder what will happen when it comes to trying for baby number two.

It All Depends On Your Issues

When you think back upon what it took to get pregnant with your first child, you want to consider the lengths that you went to. You also want to think through what any possible fertility issues were and how they were handled. Was there something wrong with you? Was something amiss with your partner? If there was a truly legitimate fertility issue, then this can carry into your desire and ability to quickly conceive your second child.

If you could only become pregnant using methods such as injections, fertility drugs, or even something more extreme such as artificial insemination, then chances may be that this is the road you will have to travel again. The length of time it takes you to conceive each of your future children will rely heavily on what was required the first time around. If everything was just fine and it was just a fluke that it took so long, then you may have a very good shot at conceiving the “easy” way this time around. Talk to your doctor and be sure that you understand what you may be working up against, if anything.

Consider the Success Stories

Let’s say that it took you a couple of years to get pregnant with your first child, but there was really nothing wrong in terms of fertility problems. Many couples that go through such a scenario with their first child may find that conceiving the second child is much easier. Their bodies are a bit more relaxed and perhaps more primed for getting pregnant. They have other things to keep them busy and their first child gives them plenty to focus on.

Whether it’s an ability to relax, to focus on other things, or simply to get the equation right the first time, it happens much more easily the second time around for many couples. Again it all depends on you and your partner’s individual situation, but suffice it to say that if nothing was amiss that it may happen more easily than you had anticipated. When you know that you’re ready, just start trying or at least talk to your doctor beforehand if you think it will help. Take the pressure off of yourself and see if you can let nature take its course. Hopefully this time around will be a much easier and far shorter road to conception.

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