Understanding the Needs of Your Body During Pregnancy

Pregnancy takes a lot of you over nine months. Your baby takes nutrients from your body, and you experience changes due to hormones released during the pregnancy. It is vitally important that you consider what you need to do to keep your body and mind healthy during pregnancy.

Eating Healthy

Because your baby takes its nutrients from your body, you need to be sure you are taking in enough healthy foods to nourish both yourself and your baby. In addition to taking a prenatal vitamin, you need to increase your intake of certain foods, such as milk and spinach for calcium, carrots and squash for vitamin b, and easily broken down proteins like eggs and beans. You should also eat foods high in folic acid, which includes most leafy vegetables.

The Importance of Exercise

Especially throughout the second and third trimesters, you will gain weight rapidly. Part of this is due to the weight of the baby. However, it is also due to your increased food intake. The baby takes the nutrients, but not necessarily the fat. To stay healthy, keep blood pressure low, and avoid being overweight after the pregnancy, you need to exercise and stay fit. There are many exercise programs developed specifically for pregnant women, although most exercise routines can be continued throughout most of your pregnancy.

Physical Changes and Challenges

As your baby grows, you will have some back pain. This can often be relieved through back massages, taking frequent breaks from chores that require standing, and changing positions frequently. You can also take Tylenol for back pain during pregnancy. Don’t both with a chiropractor, however, as most of them will not do any adjustments while you are pregnant.

You may also have problems with dry skin, brittle nails, and breast tenderness. The best way to address these issues is to invest in good, nourishing body lotion loaded with vitamins and minerals. You can also get similar strengthener for your nails. For aching breasts, a bra that fits comfortably yet offers extra support can really help. The less they move, the less they will hurt.

Emotional Health

There are a million things that cross through your mind when you are pregnant. You will be excited, of course, but you may also feel worried about the pregnancy, the health of the baby, or your ability as a parent. This is all very normal, but you need to address your concerns. At the very least, talk to your spouse about how you are feeling. Ignoring these emotions and fears can mean higher chances of post-partum depression after your baby is born.

As you get larger with your pregnancy, you may also begin to have feelings of being ugly or fat. You will feel like your body is no longer your own, and you want to reclaim it. When you start feeling really down, take yourself out for a girls day at the spa. If you cannot afford that, have a spa day at home with some friends. Get your hair done and put on some makeup to feel more like yourself. You might also want to go shopping for something sexy to wear after your pregnancy is over. This will help remind you that this form of your body is only temporary.

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