Uterine Contractions In The Third Trimester

There’s just so much to think about during pregnancy. You want to ensure that you are doing the very best to take care of your baby. You want to ensure that you are in good health and that you care for yourself in the proper way. There is so much to think about and just as you get used to one phase or symptom of pregnancy, an entirely different type comes about.

You may feel as though you know what you are doing, particularly if you are beyond your first pregnancy. However, there are so many things to think about and many elements of pregnancy that can literally take you off guard. One such thing that tends to cause a woman to lose her breath is uterine contractions. If you have never experienced these before, they can be a little intimidating. They can be scary as you prepare for the upcoming birth of your child. It is good to know though that these are not only common, but very normal.

So What Exactly is Going On?

You can be going about your business, not have a care in the world, when all of a sudden one of those uterine contractions may strike you. Some women will go an entire pregnancy without feeling them, and some will start experiencing them somewhere around the 20th week. As you can see here there are many different symptoms as you move about your pregnancy, and this is just one of them. If you feel uterine contractions, know that they are normal.

What usually happens at this point of the pregnancy is that the uterus contracts, but not in a painful way. Though contractions will be painful and rhythmic as you enter the final days before delivery, this is totally different. Uterine contractions, or Braxton Hicks contractions as they are called, are felt earlier on are often more of a tightening than anything else. They are shorter in nature, usually around 15 to 30 seconds, and then go away. There is often no rhythm nor rhyme or reason to these contractions because they come on and go away just as quickly. If there is any pain associated with them, it is often very minor as the focus is usually more on the tightening of the entire area.

Preparation for the Big Day

The uterus has gone through a lot to prepare your body for pregnancy. It has also grown exponentially to house your baby and ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. The uterine contractions felt are very normal as the uterus contracts along the way as a result of all of these changes. Consider this to be a bit of preparation for the big day, but in a much more minor way than you will consider.

Some women will feel these uterine contractions as early as the 20th week, and they may actually get used to them as they stay for the remainder of the pregnancy. As the due date nears and the baby prepares for birth, these Braxton Hicks contractions may come faster and furiously. You will know when it’s actual labor as there will be much more pain and regularity to them, but know that the Braxton Hicks contractions may very well stay with you up until the big day.

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