Weight Gain in First Trimester

You’ll hear it a million times throughout your pregnancy, but it’s true. Everybody is different! Though it’s an old adage and you will likely get sick of hearing it, it does bear repeating. Many women feel that they have to be like their friends or family when it comes to their pregnancies. They may also feel that just because they’ve been pregnant before that they will know what it’s like and have full and set expectations the next time around.

Even with the exact same woman, one may find that each and every pregnancy is completely and totally different. One of the biggest ways that you notice the differences is how a woman gains her weight. Some women may seem to put on virtually no weight at all, losing it as soon as they give birth. Other women however may feel as though they put on a ton of weight at the beginning and continue to do so as the pregnancy progresses. It can be helpful to understand weight gain throughout each trimester.

Consider Your Pre-Baby Body Shape

Though many women stress out about gaining too much or too little weight during their pregnancy, it really depends heavily on the shape that a woman was in before she got pregnant. If she was bigger boned or even overweight, then chances are that she may not gain as much. It is actually recommended that those women who start out overweight don’t gain as much overall. A woman who is underweight however may gain a great deal of weight up front as her body prepares for the pregnancy.

As you can see by looking at this guidelines it is not only uncommon but actually recommended that an underweight woman gain up to six pounds in her first trimester. It may be even more than that depending on just how underweight she was to begin with. So while this may seem like a shock to the system or something that you should be concerned with, the weight gain will be different in every single case. It depends greatly on the shape your body was in before you got pregnant.

Pace Yourself But Let Your Body Dictate

Though one woman may panic because she’s gained eight pounds in her first trimester, another woman may hope for that type of response. Women who are sick throughout their entire first trimester may not gain any weight, and as a matter of fact may even lose weight. This isn’t uncommon but can worry some moms. The truth is that your body will catch up to where it needs to be in order to provide for your baby. If you’re concerned then you should always talk to your doctor. However in most cases, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. You should know that your body will dictate and that it will put the needs of your baby first.

Though the average suggested weight gain is around 25-35 pounds, it’s important to remember that is just the typical range. Every woman is different and though one woman may gain more in her first trimester, that will likely even out as she progresses through her pregnancy. The exact opposite situation can prove true too. So try hard not to compare yourself to others and know that your body will gain what it needs to for your baby. So long as you eat right and take good care of yourself, you are doing everything you need to for your baby and your pregnancy.

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