What Daddy Should Pack for the Hospital

There’s so much emphasis on the mother-to-be throughout pregnancy, and often the dad is overlooked. As he is just as important a part of the process, there should be some thought put into the role that he plays. Without the dad or a similar system of support, the entire experience is made much more difficult for the mom. Both partners need each other and that’s why it’s so important to ensure that dad is available and present.

The dad wants to be a part of the birthing process just as much as anybody. He can offer comfort and support as the mom makes it through all of the different stages of labor. Every dad wants to be there to meet their new little bundle of joy for the first time, as it’s one of those precious moments in life that you will always treasure. So just as the mom has to get ready for the big arrival, the dad should be prepared and packed for the hospital stay as well.

Playing the Support Role

Though this role is crucial to the birth of his child, the dad will ultimately play a support role. As he packs for the hospital, he should ensure that many of the items on his checklist reflect this role and are in place to help mom through the stages and get everything in order after the birth. Take a look at this checklist for example whereby many of the items recommended for daddy to bring include those which will support his partner. Consider bringing items such as a stop watch and a pad of paper to write down contraction times and track the labor overall. Be sure to bring along a video camera, regular camera, and anything else that can be used to capture every aspect of the birth that you will surely want to remember later on.

Bring whatever is necessary to keep your partner comfortable and focused. This can include massage oils, scented items to keep her calm, pillows, special comfort items, and of course music. Talk to your partner in advance and be sure that you know what she would like to help keep her calm and as happy as can be throughout the birth process. This is where your support role becomes very important and therefore you want to be prepared to help out in any way that you can.

Getting Yourself Comfortable

Chances are that you’re going to be in the hospital for a while. Either the labor may carry on longer than you had anticipated, or you may be staying with your partner throughout the duration of her hospital visit. Either way you want to be sure to pack a change of clothes and even something comfortable like pajamas for the occasion where you spend the night. Bring some pillows along for you as you can’t always be sure of what the sleeping arrangements will be.

Pack some snacks for yourself as you need to keep your energy up during the long birthing process. Also be sure to bring some money as you will surely have to grab a meal or a snack from the cafeteria during your stay. Along with the camera and any other items that you bring to capture the precious moments, be sure that you bring along the phone numbers of anybody that you’ll want to contact with the good news after the birth. All of these things will make your stay more comfortable and allow you to focus on your partner and your new baby.

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