What to Pack for the Hospital

It’s time! You are about to become a parent, and you want to be sure that everything is perfect. There’s probably a part of you that can envision every single second of the labor and delivery experience. There’s also another part of you that probably wants to be sure that you don’t forget a thing. Being prepared well in advance can really help to take some of the anxiety out of things later. Whatever you can do in advance will help you to stay calm when the big day arrives.

One of the most important things that is advised to do in advance is to pack for the hospital. As you are likely never going to know when the big moment will arrive, you want to be prepared so that you can pick up the bag and go when it’s time. Though every woman has individual items that she wants to take with her, there are a few fundamentals that are worth considering throwing in your bag.

What Will You Need to Keep You Calm and Comfortable?

You want to be sure to consider the items that you want to take not only for after the baby’s birth, but everything leading up to it as well. Consider any items that will be sure to keep you calm and focused throughout the birthing process. Is there any music that you want with you? Do you need to take an iPod or a DVD player? Is there something that can help you to focus? Considering any scented items or comfort items that can help to relax you are crucial to your comfort and to a healthy and happy delivery.

Be sure that you bring whatever you need to stay comfortable throughout your hospital stay. Though you may very well be in hospital attire throughout the birth, you may have the option of changing into comfy clothes at some point. Take along a couple of sets of pajamas and anything else that you feel comfortable with. Always bring an extra set or two as birth can sometimes be a messy experience.

Bring What You Need to Feel Like Yourself

We are all creatures of comfort, so be sure that you have the items you need to make you feel like yourself. Birth can take a toll on your physical appearance, at least temporarily. Bring along any toiletries that you use on a regular basis such as shampoo and conditioner, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, and of course makeup. Don’t ever underestimate how good a shower and a bit of freshening up can help you to feel after a long labor and delivery. Remember too that you may have your fair share of visitors, so bring the items that you need to help you feel like a human again be it hair products, a bit of jewelry, or cute and comfortable clothes to wear.

Bring the Essentials

If you absolutely must sleep with a certain pillow or blanket, then be sure to bring that with you. Bring your video camera, regular camera, and anything else you can use to capture the first few precious moments. Also be sure that you make a call list in advance that your partner or close family member can use to contact those close to you to let them know about your baby’s arrival. Bring your cell phone too as well wishers may want to get in touch with you after the birth.

Bring along an outfit for the baby and one for you to travel home in. Many women tend to forget this and are sorry later on. This is a big picture opportunity and an important moment, so be sure that you are both ready for it. Always pack a few extras for both you and baby so that you are never left without some of the items that you may need.

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