Getting Some Energy Back After Baby is Born

You’re holding your new baby in your arms and can hardly believe that they are here. After nine long months of pregnancy and however long it took to conceive, your little bundle of joy is finally here. It’s a miracle and something that’s just so amazing to absorb for most new moms.

The miracle of life is something that can’t be replicated in anything else, and therefore we cling to it with the birth of our child. Therefore we are filled with a plethora of emotions, all of pure joy, right? If you are feeling a bit less than joyful as you are experiencing what it’s like to have many sleepless nights, then you’re not alone.

Though your lack of energy likely doesn’t take away any of the joy that you feel, you are probably feeling simply exhausted. This is a stage that many new parents go through and it’s a normal and natural part of the cycle. Knowing how to get some much needed energy back can help you to feel more like yourself again.

Take Advantage of Help When You Get It

If you are breastfeeding then you may feel as though you never have a break. You may feel as though your entire existence is based on feeding and caring for that little darling – and it is! If you are bottle feeding, then you may have a bit more of a break. You may be able to trade off feedings with your partner or a close family member that can help out a bit.

No matter what you are doing for feedings or how you are caring for your baby, you do want to take people up on the offer to help. If people offer to help with simple chores around the house, run errands for you, or make you dinner, then let them. This can result in you having a bit more time to relax or at least not have to worry about the many things that need to be done. This is a simple enough way to get some energy back and allows you to enjoy your new baby and a bit of freedom.

Along the same lines comes the notion of resting when the baby rests. Until the baby gets on any sort of schedule, this can be tough. It can also be difficult if you have another child at home. However even the notion of a mini nap of twenty minutes here and there can be of great help. Resting and putting your feet up if nothing else is always a great way to regain some of that much needed energy. Whatever you can do to rest your body and take care of yourself will pay you back in dividends.

Eat Right and Exercise

If you really want to ensure that you get your energy back, then you may have to expend a bit of energy. Though this does sound counterintuitive, it really can work. It may not be something that you can do in the baby’s first couple of days, but is something that you should look to whenever necessary. So consider eating the right foods, that is a well balanced diet to give you nutrients and of course energy.

You also want to start to incorporate exercise whenever possible. This can be something as simple as putting the baby in the stroller and taking it out for a walk, but it gets you moving. Though this may not sound desirable, it can really help you to regain some energy and feel more like yourself again in no time.

Getting In Shape and Recapturing Your Pre-Baby Body

Most women don’t really think too much about their body shape during pregnancy. No matter what you do, your body is going to change. Though it is most certainly recommended that most women incorporate exercise into their pregnancy, it’s not often the first thing that they think about. Many women either don’t have the energy or the desire to handle exercise, and therefore they put it off.

Though exercise is recommended, the reality is that you are going to gain weight throughout your pregnancy. Your body is going to change shape and size in preparation for that little baby. So long as you know that and accept it, then you will be just fine. However once that baby is born, it’s a whole different story altogether. Women are quick to look at celebrities and wonder why they can’t get back in shape that quickly after they deliver a baby. These aren’t always realistic depictions and therefore it’s quite important to think through what is best for you and your body after delivering your baby.

Know Your Limitations

The first thing to remember when you think about getting your pre-baby body back is that you may have some sort of limitations to work against. If you had a C-section, then you can realistically count out exercise for at least six weeks. It’s crucial to let the incision heal properly and if you exercise that puts your recovery at risk. You need to be sure that you are cleared for exercise first and foremost.

You also want to be sure that you are personally ready for that bout of exercise. If it’s been at least nine months since you last exercised, then just take it slowly. Even if you exercised throughout your pregnancy, you should still take your time as your body may very well respond differently to things now. Go with what feels good and comfortable within your body so that you don’t put any unnecessary strain on your new body.

Use The Right Exercises

Though every woman is different and therefore every body is different, you want to be sure to get into exercises that are right for you and your needs. Consider walking or hiking as a good first exercise to get into. It’s easy on the body and is something that you can start slowly and then build your way up to. This is common amongst many new moms who want to exercise but aren’t sure where to start.

You can also look to popular exercise options amongst new moms such as swimming, yoga, elliptical, low impact aerobics, or even the bike. Get into a routine and go with what feels good. Know that you are dealing with a different body now. Though you will eventually uncover that pre-baby body under there, you need to give it time.

It took you plenty of time to put the weight on and for your body to change in shape and size. Therefore as much as you may want a recovery in a matter of days or weeks, it may not happen. Just be patient with it and know that it will come in time. Don’t go by celebrities as they have different resources at their fingertips that most of us don’t. Just put forth the effort, do your very best, and build your way up in your fitness needs as it feels good and comfortable with your body.

Losing the Weight After Baby Arrives

It sure was easy to put the pregnancy weight on. You went from being your normal self to having that cute little baby bump in no time at all. It probably had a lot to do with those pregnancy cravings. It also had a lot to do with just how hungry that you were after you got past the nauseas phase. Though it’s easy to put on the pregnancy weight, it isn’t quite as easy to take it off.

The reality is that some of the weight literally melts off after you give birth, and that’s always nice. There is however that unwanted extra few pounds that tend to linger, and you wonder to yourself if they will ever go away. Sure your body will get back to the shape that it was in before pregnancy at some point, but will you be dragging around those few extra pounds? It won’t last forever and fortunately there are some simple but effective ways to lose the weight after that sweet little baby arrives.

Get Back to Basics

Though you may initially be reluctant, you are most certainly going to have to make some changes and adjustments to your lifestyle if you want to drop the weight. Take a look at how to lose weight after pregnancy and you will quickly notice that in order to get the pre-pregnancy body back, you need to get back to basics.

Whatever you may or may not have eaten during pregnancy needs a serious evaluation. Chances are that you took a few liberties and if that is the case, then you need to get rid of the junk or high calorie foods now. You need to focus on eating the right foods and doing so often. Many women make the mistake of cutting out eating or going for only low fat foods. Be careful and read the labels, and when in doubt go for healthy and natural foods that can keep you going strong and losing the weight.

You also need to learn to embrace exercise in your life. Even if you weren’t a big fan of exercise before or during pregnancy, this is by far one of the quickest and most efficient ways to lose the weight after the baby arrives. Be sure that you are cleared for exercise from your doctor, because that’s a very important consideration as your body heals. Once you are though, you want to start slowly by incorporating walking, biking, swimming, or even the elliptical into your regimen. This is an important step towards your health and an important one towards taking off the unwanted baby weight.

Take Good Care of Yourself

Though we spend so much of our time and energy caring for our new little baby, you do want to get into the habit of caring for yourself. This is a great way to ensure that you lose the baby weight and that you get into the right habits. So getting plenty of rest for example is one of the most important ways to get fit, take off the weight, and ensure that you are caring for yourself as you care for everybody else. You want to take your vitamins, and you want to ensure that you drink plenty of water. These are important steps towards a healthy lifestyle, but they will also help you to drop the baby weight and get back to yourself much faster and more efficiently.

Dealing with Postpartum Depression

There is so much joy with the arrival of a new baby. It’s such a miracle and such an amazing feeling to hold that baby in your arms the first hand. Along with the elation comes a whole host of other emotions though, and these may be unforeseen and rather challenging to deal with. For many women, the change in hormones and transition to a new life can leave them feeling as if their world as they knew it is over with. This is often difficult to deal with and leaves many women “feeling the blues”.

Though there are varying levels of postpartum depression, it is very real and most certainly something to be taken seriously. It’s very natural that with the changing hormones, sleepless nights, and new lifestyle, that a woman feels sad and anxious. It is important to know how to pinpoint the symptoms and cope with these emotions.

Take Care of Yourself

So much of your time and attention is focused on caring for your newborn child. This is only natural as newborns require a great deal of attention, but it’s important to pay attention to your own needs as well. Many women suffer through postpartum depression without ever really confronting it. As it is certainly something that most women want to believe that they do not suffer from, they will avoid the issue at all costs. This can only work to your detriment.

For many women, it may be a very temporary situation that fixes itself on its own. The first couple of weeks or even months may be filled with emotional highs and lows, and therefore the woman has to work hard to adjust to these in a coping mechanism. For some women it can run much deeper and there may be a need for medication or other methods to help the woman live a normal and healthy life. Whenever you are in doubt, it’s always important to talk to your doctor. They are well versed in dealing with and treating postpartum depression. They can talk to you and work with you in figuring out what will help you to feel like your normal self again.

Helpful Hints for Your Own Care

As you can see when you look at tips such as these from the Mountain View Hospital, dealing with postpartum depression may be as simple as providing yourself with the very things you need for a happy life. You need to put a focus on yourself amidst all of the care that you provide for your newborn. This should come in the way of proper nutrition, plenty of rest, and time for yourself. This isn’t always easy to come by in the first few months, but it is something that you need to focus on.

Just getting out and away for a couple of hours with your partner can do wonders for your mental state of mind. This is the type of thing that you need to focus on as it will help you to take your mind off of things, get away from the sometimes stressful situation, and of course decompress a bit. Though it may be surprising, exercise can also be of great help to your postpartum depression. It can help to get you moving, get your body back to what it used to look like, and give you a boost both mentally and physically.

What to Pack for the Hospital

It’s time! You are about to become a parent, and you want to be sure that everything is perfect. There’s probably a part of you that can envision every single second of the labor and delivery experience. There’s also another part of you that probably wants to be sure that you don’t forget a thing. Being prepared well in advance can really help to take some of the anxiety out of things later. Whatever you can do in advance will help you to stay calm when the big day arrives.

One of the most important things that is advised to do in advance is to pack for the hospital. As you are likely never going to know when the big moment will arrive, you want to be prepared so that you can pick up the bag and go when it’s time. Though every woman has individual items that she wants to take with her, there are a few fundamentals that are worth considering throwing in your bag.

What Will You Need to Keep You Calm and Comfortable?

You want to be sure to consider the items that you want to take not only for after the baby’s birth, but everything leading up to it as well. Consider any items that will be sure to keep you calm and focused throughout the birthing process. Is there any music that you want with you? Do you need to take an iPod or a DVD player? Is there something that can help you to focus? Considering any scented items or comfort items that can help to relax you are crucial to your comfort and to a healthy and happy delivery.

Be sure that you bring whatever you need to stay comfortable throughout your hospital stay. Though you may very well be in hospital attire throughout the birth, you may have the option of changing into comfy clothes at some point. Take along a couple of sets of pajamas and anything else that you feel comfortable with. Always bring an extra set or two as birth can sometimes be a messy experience.

Bring What You Need to Feel Like Yourself

We are all creatures of comfort, so be sure that you have the items you need to make you feel like yourself. Birth can take a toll on your physical appearance, at least temporarily. Bring along any toiletries that you use on a regular basis such as shampoo and conditioner, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, and of course makeup. Don’t ever underestimate how good a shower and a bit of freshening up can help you to feel after a long labor and delivery. Remember too that you may have your fair share of visitors, so bring the items that you need to help you feel like a human again be it hair products, a bit of jewelry, or cute and comfortable clothes to wear.

Bring the Essentials

If you absolutely must sleep with a certain pillow or blanket, then be sure to bring that with you. Bring your video camera, regular camera, and anything else you can use to capture the first few precious moments. Also be sure that you make a call list in advance that your partner or close family member can use to contact those close to you to let them know about your baby’s arrival. Bring your cell phone too as well wishers may want to get in touch with you after the birth.

Bring along an outfit for the baby and one for you to travel home in. Many women tend to forget this and are sorry later on. This is a big picture opportunity and an important moment, so be sure that you are both ready for it. Always pack a few extras for both you and baby so that you are never left without some of the items that you may need.

Understanding a C-Section Delivery

There is often much anxiety and ill feelings surrounding a C-section delivery. Most women go into the birthing process expecting to have a natural or vaginal delivery, and sometimes that’s just not possible. Though there are a number of viable reasons why a woman would have a C-section, there is a great deal of worry when it comes up as a topic of conversation.

As it is a major surgery, it’s understandable that moms-to-be would not be necessarily excited to have such a delivery method performed. However it is important to know that a C-section can not only be necessary but preferred in light of a few key circumstances. It’s important to understand what these are and how the process works. Then if the situation ever comes up or you find yourself facing a C-section, it might not be so scary.

Reasons for a C-Section Delivery

The reality is that there are a number of reasons that a woman may find it necessary to have a C-section to deliver her baby. There’s the planned type of C-section and then the emergency C-section.

In an emergency C-section, a woman may be forced into this type of delivery if the baby won’t turn, if the baby’s heart rate is dropping, if the cord is wrapped around the baby, or a number of related factors. This is not an optimal situation as there is potential danger towards the baby, but it can be a real lifesaver to ensure that the baby is healthy and delivered quickly and safely.

In the instance of a planned C-section, there are a number of factors that this may be done. A woman may have had a previous C-section and may be asked to consider this as a method for delivery the second time around for a safe delivery. The baby may be breech and won’t flip the proper way, or the baby may just be too big to deliver the old fashioned way. There may be certain health conditions associated with the pregnancy that may make a vaginal delivery difficult such as placenta previa where the placenta is low and covers the cervix making vaginal delivery virtually impossible. As you can see there are many reasons for a planned C-section. Sometimes a planned C-section gives the woman a bit more time to mentally prepare for this surgery.

Knowing What to Expect

A C-section works like any other surgery in certain respects. The woman will be put under anesthesia so that she can’t feel the incision or any of the pain that may occur during the surgery itself. Her partner will be allowed into the room with her after she has been prepped and they will be able to sit next to them the whole time. What may be different about this type of surgery however is that the woman is likely awake the entire time. She is aware of what’s going on, but feels no pain. She may feel a bit of pressure or pulling as they reach in and grab the baby out, but that’s usually it. She can hear her baby cry for the first time and if all goes well, she can even hold the baby immediately after delivery.

There is a longer recovery associated with a C-section than a vaginal birth since a major surgery has taken place. The woman will need to take it easy for a few weeks and limit driving or physical activity, but nothing that would interfere with her ability to care for her new baby. Though a C-section may not be how a woman envisioned her birth experience, knowing the facts can take a bit of anxiety out of things.

Thinking Ahead for Your Stay in the Hospital

It’s almost time for the baby’s arrival and you have a lot to do. You want to get the house ready and be sure that everything is just perfect for you to bring your little bundle of joy home. Though you’ve probably planned out every little detail of your pregnancy and are sure that you’ve anticipated everything for baby’s arrival, there is often one major thing that is overlooked.

You’ve probably considered everything after the birth, but have you thought through all the details for your actual hospital stay? Many women get so consumed with the actual birth and arrival, that they often forget to plan ahead for this major hospital stay. Thinking through a few major details can take a great deal of stress out of things later on.

Think Of Who You Want There

One thing that can really stress a lot of women out is who they have there at the hospital. If you think this through in advance and then consider your options, this can be easily communicated in advance.

  • Do you want just your partner there with you when it comes time for the delivery?
  • Are there any other family members that you want present?
  • Do you wish for others to be there in the room with you or wait in the waiting room?

These are all areas that can tend to be stressful if not planned out in advance, so giving some thought can alleviate much of that. You also want to consider visitors after the baby is born. Many family members and close friends will have the best intentions and wish to visit you in the hospital. Consider if this is something that you are comfortable with, or if you’d rather wait until you get home to welcome visitors in to see the new baby.

Making Arrangements Beforehand

Anything that you can do in advance will help you to relax and enjoy the new baby once it has arrived. Take the time to pre-register for your hospital stay while you are still pregnant. If you have any other children, consider who will watch them while you are in the hospital. Work it out with your spouse if you want them to be there with you in the hospital the whole time. Consider who can be there quickly when labor comes on and who can stay with your child while you are in the hospital. These are all important considerations that should really be thought out in advance. Not only can this help you to sit back and relax a bit, but it can ensure that you make the proper arrangements. Be sure that you work out similar arrangements if you have a pet that must be cared for while you are in the hospital so that Fido isn’t left at home without food or water for a couple of days.

Think Of How You Want The Hospital Experience To Be

Though things don’t always go the way that we plan, you do want to think about what you’d like to happen while you are in the hospital. Do you want to keep the baby in the room with you at all times? Are you interested in sending the baby to the nursery at night so you can get some sleep? Do you want a lactation consultant to visit you if you plan to breastfeed? Think through anything that is important to you so that you can plan for it in advance. All of the plans that you make can allow you to focus on the beautiful new baby that you have, and take the guesswork out of things later on.

Taking the Stress Out of the Labor Experience

Even if you are lucky enough to experience a healthy and happy pregnancy, there’s always something on your mind. If you are a first time mom, you are likely worried about the labor and delivery experience. If you have been through it before, then you may be worried about the pain that you know to be true. Though the birth of a child can be one of the most beautiful experiences in life, there is also a great deal of pain associated with it. Though you may try your best to avoid thinking about it, that big day is coming. It can be quite helpful to think through the best ways for managing your labor experience. Whether you are worried about the pain or just have anxiety about the experience itself, there are some excellent ways to take the stress out of everything.

Consider Your Options

First and foremost, you want to think through your options for pain management. If you take a look at a resource such as this from the respected ‘What To Expect’ series, then you can see that there are many different routes you can take to get the pain out of the experience.

Every woman is different, every pain threshold is different, and every birthing experience is different. It can really pay off to consider all of your options beforehand and see what you think works for you. Though most women get an epidural to deal with the pain of labor, other routes may work better for different women. It’s a very personal choice as some women opt to go the natural route, and so you may want to stop and consider this before the big day arrives. Talk to your doctor and see what options and insight he can offer. Take the guesswork out of the equation so that you know what you can expect and know how you want to manage the pain.

Stay Calm and Think of the End Result

Though childbirth is definitely an experience that doesn’t come without pain, it’s important to think about the end result. This is not like anything else you will experience in your life. After all of the pain and potential anxiety, you will end up with a baby. You will most certainly forget about all the pain and any of the other negatives once you hold the baby that you have carried for nine months. So if you can get into that mindset before you go into the hospital, it will really serve you well when the time comes to go through the delivery itself.

You may also want to turn to some very natural or alternative ways of coping with the pain and anxiety. Not only can this take much of the stress out of things, but it can also allow you to do so naturally. Breathing techniques can work wonders for getting you through any painful bouts. Never underestimate what a clear head and deep breathing can do for helping you through even the most challenging circumstance.

Many women also find that turning to aromatherapy can be of great help too. This doesn’t have to be anything extensive, but can be something as simple as bringing along various objects that are contain scents that are calming to you. Turning to calming music can also help to keep you calm throughout the birthing process. Think through whatever helps to calm you down and ensure that you have it on hand to help take the stress out of the birthing experience.

Simple and Effective Ways to Get Exercise Into Your Day

No matter what your stage of life, finding time for exercise can be tough. When you were busy with your career, you had no time to do anything but work. When you were pregnant, you were likely too tired to get up and get moving. Now that you’re post partum you may feel as though all you do is care for your baby and have little time for anything else.

After an initial adjustment period, you may just find that fitting exercise into your day is far easier than you had anticipated. The problem is that most people look at exercise as a sort of torture or a way by means they must hit the gym and sweat profusely. With your new adjustment to motherhood, a new baby to care for, and likely a new body to get back into shape, this is likely not the way that you want to do it. So if you are really struggling to find time to exercise, consider some really easy tips that can get you moving and physically fit.

Don’t Always Take the Easy Way

The problem with most people is that they take the easy way. We are often in a hurry and just want to get from Point A to Point B as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Avoid this temptation and you open up a bunch of great exercise opportunities. Consider parking a bit further from the store and walking to get your heart pumping. Rather than grabbing the closest parking spot, this method ensures that you get a brisk walk in and really adds up if you do it consistently. Another easy way to get in some exercise is to take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator-a bit harder to do if you happen to have the baby in a stroller, but whenever possible can get in some heart pumping exercise.

Another excellent way to get some exercise in is to consider putting the baby in the stroller and walking to wherever you need to go. Obviously you want to consider weather and distance in this, but just a quick trip to the store can be made much more enjoyable and add in some serious physical elements if you try this out. Beats taking the easy way and is a great way to get in some exercise and bond with the baby!

Get a Friend in on the Act

Many new moms find that they barely have enough time to care for their baby, much less do anything else. If you feel that you’ve been neglecting your friends lately or are looking for a creative way to add in some physical activity, this may be the way to do both.

Consider getting your friend to go walking with you outside or at the mall once a week. Meet a friend for a quick jog around the park when you’re up for it. If you both have kids, put them in the stroller and get in a power walk before you end up at a park. Whenever you can get a friend in on the act it allows you to spend some quality time with them and get in your exercise. If all else fails, look for an exercise class in your area that includes the baby. There are yoga or power walking classes everywhere made just for mother and baby that ensure you get quality time with your new little bundle of joy, and that you get in the perfect amount of exercise.

Managing Morning Sickness Throughout the Day

Whoever called it morning sickness clearly never experienced it. Though some women are lucky enough to avoid the nauseous stage of their pregnancy, many are extremely affected by this all-too-common symptom. The reality is that most women will experience some sort of nausea or vomiting at some point in their pregnancy. It can be very difficult to deal with, and can make the simplest functions seem complicated.

Another harsh reality that many women experience is that they don’t just experience this sickness in the morning, but rather the whole day through. Some may feel sick throughout each day and it lasts as long as they are awake. Still others are affected by that sick nauseous feeling in the afternoon or later in the day. There’s no rhyme or reason as to how it affects different women. There are, however, some reasons behind why it occurs and those can be very helpful to know.

What Makes You So Sick?

If you’ve ever experienced this terrible nausea it can feel like you have the stomach flu or as if you’re sea sick. The problem is that it can last for hours throughout the day and can carry on for weeks or even months. What’s happening in most instances is that the hormones are hard at work to supply for your baby. Hormonal changes are the most common cause for morning sickness or nausea at anytime.

The hCG hormone which helped to indicate that you were pregnant is what starts off the process. Then the higher levels of estrogen and progesterone that are needed for the baby go to work. They are essential for the pregnancy and the baby’s development, but they can really slow things down in terms of digestion and overall stomach upset.

Add to these hormonal changes the fact that your sense of smell is heightened. This results in a great aversion to foods and smells that can leave you feeling awful if you experience them. The simplest things that you may have loved before pregnancy such as coffee can make you sick to your stomach with a single whiff. As the day goes on and particularly if you have a tricky stomach to begin with, the nausea may hit you later on in the day. It may even last throughout the entire course of the day, and that makes eating and simple functioning very difficult. So you can see why some women are hit particularly hard with the nausea and even vomiting in some instances.

Managing Your Nausea

If you happen to be one of those women who experience the nausea later on in the day, there may be some things that you can do to alleviate it. Many will tell you that eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day can bring great relief and help the nausea to subside on its own. Keeping the stomach full and eating bland foods when the nausea hits such as saltine crackers or pretzels can offer additional help.

No matter what time of day the nausea hits, you can always get some help with natural remedies that are perfectly safe to take during pregnancy. You can always turn to ginger in any form as it naturally helps to soothe the stomach and alleviate the nausea that you may be feeling. You can also turn to remedies such as Vitamin B6 which help to naturally curb the nausea. Knowing about these remedies and helping to naturally get rid of the nausea can help you to ward it off later in the day and get rid of it altogether.

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